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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just The Right Set-Up

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While Michael was reading Craigslist this morning he found a motorhome and trailer for sale.  The trailer was used to haul the owner’s Jeep and was also set up as the solar system.  The panels were located on the roof of the trailer, the batteries (all SIXTEEN of them) were located in a drop floor, the 3000 watt inverter was mounted to the wall—just what Michael had in mind to do when we purchased another trailer.  And, the good thing, the trailer was all set up in the desert over near Quartzsite.

So late this afternoon with John and Brenda graciously agreeing to drive we all headed over to Quartzsite.  The trailer was absolutely great, very well set-up and the owner was including everything.  Michael thinks the price he is asking is a little high but we may decide to offer less or we may wait, find a trailer and set the system up ourselves. 

Every resturant in Quartzsite was packed at 6:30 on a Sunday evening.  Guess it is the season!  We finally found a place to get burgers and Brenda had fish which she said was excellent—our burgers were very good, too!

This morning on our walk we ran into this guy—he had been looking for sheep!John

While sitting out in the sun this afternoon replenishing my vitamin D, I finished hand sewing the binding on the quilt I made for the bed. 

And, we really have to find Brenda something to do besides cook—or we will all weigh a whole lot more when we leave here—today she made the best homemade rolls—absolutely to die for!!! 



  1. That sounds like a pretty nice solar setup. Wow, 16 batteries is enough to power a small rv park!!

  2. you are going to have to do more hikes in the desert if you want to eat all Brenda's great cooking!!
    great scenic photo today!!!

  3. I am thinking 16 batteries will run a few quilting machines! Sounds like a neat set up .... now, Don is researching Fuel Cells to add to the conversation when we meet up!

  4. Looks like lots of space there to walk of the extra food-go for it!

  5. That trailer setup sounds interesting. Now ... I take it that you were just looking at the trailer itself and not the motorhome too that the guy was selling?

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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