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Friday, January 21, 2011

Quartzsite And Water In The Desert

John wanted to go find some LED lights today and of course we tagged along.  Found the light store and no, the prices haven’t come down from last year’s outrageous ones!  $20 for a tiny little light bulb to go in our overhead fixtures over the couch!  But, the people in this store are awesome—“take it home, try it and if it works, come back and pay, if it doesn’t work bring it back.”  Amazing!

We wandered a little among all the junk in the vendor tents and the only thing we found we couldn’t live without other than a couple little parts Mike and John needed was frozen yogurt!

On our walk this morning we rediscovered the waterfalls we found last year.  The fall is about 10 feet and I would love to see it on a day that it rains hard.  There is a small pool of water at the base of the uppermost falls--Water in the desert Falls See the water mark on the rocks where the water has been at some point in time?

Then we discovered water of a different sort—on the way back from Quartzsite John decided to stop at the Community Park and fill his water bladder--Watching the bladder It was really exciting watching that bladder fill :)

Our mail came today and it was really like Christmas—all our Christmas cards were in this batch along with a bunch of other interesting stuff.  Thanks LoraLee!

Tonight John and Brenda are coming down and I am going to make banana splits—it’s all Brenda’s fault—she made the mistake of saying today, “I’ve never had a banana split!” 


  1. Are you having the banana split with a diet coke? I would. Great idea.

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful winter trip! It is so nice to see someone without a heavy winter coat on! Have fun, travel safely and keep in touch!

  3. A sure sign of being in the desert is the ritual of getting water.

  4. Yummm JB told us about the banana splits last night in chat. You guys sure know how to make desert living FUN!

    Karen and Steve
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