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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Rare Treat

Another beautiful sunrise—our coach is parked so that the entry door and the windows directly across from our couch face the east—we get to watch the sky change color every morning, beautiful!

Leaving about 9am this morning we headed off to find a “cave” we had noticed a couple days ago.  The openings are not really caves, they are excavation sites for mineral seekers—many are only a few feet deep, some like the one we found last year are much deeper, room size.  We were strolling along and Michael said, “look up there,” as he pointed--



IMG_5474 These two big guys were not concerned at all with the two people and the little black dog.  We stood and took photos for a long time, went and found our cave, came back and the sheep were still there.  We think these are desert bighorn sheep.  What a rare treat!!!

This afternoon Brenda and I went over to Quartzsite.  I needed some royal blue thread (I only have about 100 spools of thread at home, you would have thought I could have brought more variety than I did) and knew there was a small quilt store in Quartzsite.  After we located the quilt shop and the thread, we stopped at the local Beall’s and both of us found a couple things we couldn’t live without.  The Quartzsite grocery store leaves a little to be desired but today was actually not bad—decent produce but no regular size marshmallows—how are you supposed to make smores with miniature marshmallows??? 

Brenda invited us down for dinner tonight—that woman can cook.  She made enchiladas and a homemade apple pie.  Oh, my—I could have eaten the whole pie, it was so good! 

Now we are relaxing with our poor little dog who just howled when we got home, “how dare you leave me for 3 hours, how dare you!”  Emmi isn’t spoiled, oh no!


  1. how fortunate you are to be parked so perfectly to view the desert sunrise each and every morning!..perfection!!!..great shots of the bighorn sheep!!..have a great rest of the weekend!!!..happy quilting!!

  2. Great pics of those bighorn sheep! I've only seen those guys from pretty far away.

    Sounds like another great dinner with John and Brenda!

  3. Are Emmi and Biscuit related? Spoiled, naw, they just run the place. Nice photos of the big horns, do you have a salt lick out somewhere?

  4. Wow, magnificent animals! Outstanding pictures! Dinner sounded very good too.


  5. Nice Big Horn Sheep pics. Most unusual to get that close to them. Maybe they recognized you as harmless & peaceful RV people & not dreaded hunter types.

  6. Totally cool photos of the bighorns! What an honor, eh?

  7. soooo did ya get the big marshmallows for the smores?

    Karen and Steveio
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