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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Swansea Townsite


A Jeeping trip was in order this morning, stopping first at Gina and Rollie’s to drop off my new cell phone so Rollie could charge it using some of that wonderful solar power he has!!  Last night I took them my new rechargeable toothbrush for the same reason!  Some people, right!!!

Michael picked the spot today, we headed to the old mining ghost town of Swansea.  Once a flourishing copper mining development—prospectors began working the mine site in 1862 and the last milling was reported in 1944.  One of the developers of the mine, George Mitchell, did not have a sterling reputation and the mine went into bankruptcy in 1911 before being rescued by another manager in 1915. 

Company housing dwellings where the miners lived are being restored by volunteers and several other ruins are visible on the site.  The surrounding scenery is breathtaking!  The road to Swansea is a little on the rough side but not too bad, you could do it in a passenger car if you took it slowly.

IMG_5671 IMG_5679 IMG_5681

This natural arch was visible right by the road before we dropped  down into Swansea. 

IMG_5683 Ruins of the early company housing.

IMG_5685 Michael coming out of a mining shaft that I declined to enter!

IMG_5687 We crossed this canal—look at all that water heading from the Colorado River to Tucson!

We had a great Jeep trip today—so much fun, we took a picnic and Emmi along.

Tonight we are celebrating Ellie’s birthday with Gina and Rollie’s homemade gumbo!  YUM!


  1. nothing like a day in the jeep! got some great photos of the sights along the way!..thanks for the ride, we had fun!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I don't think I'd be too anxious to head into that old mine either.

  3. Love the photos...thanks for sharing.

  4. The jeep trip looked like fun and the pictures were outstanding. I especially like the one of Michael coming out of the old mine. There is a lot of interesting mining history in the Arizona desert.
    I'm not a dessert person but the Margarita Pie was wonderful. Gina's gumbo was delicious as usual and so were all of the other dishes. I think Ellie had a very, happy birthday and I know everyone else enjoyed her celebration. Have a Blessed Sunday!

  5. OOOOh a rechargeable toothbrush?? Now THAT is roughing it, for sure!

    Sooo When is Michael gonna solar up that rig?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I especially like the first photo...nice vista! :)


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