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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Walk and Rearranging

Oh, my, it was wonderful to wake up in the desert this morning, sunrise was glorious!  We took off on a long hike while it was still just a little chilly!

The rest of the day was spent rearranging both inside and out.  When you start packing one of these rigs the process starts off organized and by the time you are going down the driveway you are just throwing things in.  Since we have been on the road we have been visiting someone and sightseeing so cleaning and rearranging took a backseat.  Today was the day—I made more progress than Michael—he went to visit.

There are some people living in the little town of Bouse who are from our hometown in Montana—some of the guys are around Michael’s age and went to high school with him so he went to visit today.

I also spent part of the day on the phone with Medicare but since I ranted about medical care yesterday I won’t bore you with that today!

Emmi is loving being out in the desert—she slept in her little bed outside on the mat in the sunshine much of the afternoon while Michael puttered around.  When he left to go into Bouse she came inside and found a new sleeping spot--New sleeping spot

John on the roof We spotted John up on the roof today—looks like he is washing solar panels??

Our spot 2011 Our 2011 spot in the desert with the town of Bouse in the distance.

Small saguaro

Another great day!

Oh, excitement back at home—in a house just over a mile from ours, a man was arrested who was wanted for murder in another state and he and his brother were operating a meth lab in that house!  Lloyd and Irene must be turning over in their graves!


  1. that is quite the story from back home!!..geez! never know who your neighbours are! the spot in the desert! long are staying there for??..tanks emptied etc?? power??..please enlighten me! the shot of Emmi on the back of the sofa!..and the campsite shot too!..

  2. Seems like there's disgusting stuff happening all over. :( Enjoy your time in the desert!

  3. Emmi's so cute in her new little sleeping spot!
    Glad they caught the crazy meth-head-murder man!


  4. Looks like a great spot with beautiful desert views!

  5. Just gotta love those big wide open Arizona spaces:))

  6. So glad you have arrived safely. Sweet Emmi!!! I know she is loving that no leash business. I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures there.

    Have lots of fun.

    Hugs, Karon

  7. What a great spot to be. What are the odds that someone form the same high school in Montana would be in that small part of AZ.


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