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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Just Thought We Had Wind

Our little community decreased rigs by three today, now there are only four rigs out here.  John and Brenda departed for the Phoenix area, Mike and Pat went back to Congress to check on outdoor faucets and orange trees and Glen and Sylvia departed for parts unknown. 

Jim and Ellie went out to Bouse today and refreshed their tanks, moving to a new spot nearer to us, Rollie and GinaDeb and Rod left early headed for the dentist in Lake Havasu—on arriving back here at Camp Bouse they also chose a new spot several yards down past us. 

The Bayfield Bunch wind didn’t arrive around here until about 1pm but boy oh boy has it arrived with a vengeance!!  When we walked back from happy hour at Jim and Ellie’s it was hard to stay upright!  This big old motorhome is rocking and rolling.

Well, we are off on a new adventure tomorrow—think we have found a trailer, an eighteen by seven foot black trailer in Phoenix.  And, Michael has located a solar panel supply place that has the panels he and Rollie have decided we need, we may pick those up tomorrow, too!!  We are going to take the motorhome along with  Rollie, Gina and their two dogs.  Should be a fun day!

Our walk took us out across the desert this morning and we found new territory for boondocking!!!  No photos tonight, not sure why, just never used the camera this morning.


  1. I think that Arkansas has been blown to the east coast. I haven't seen this much wind in some time. It is freezing.

  2. sounds like it was a blustery day!!

  3. We were expecting that same big wind here today, but so far it hasn't arrived. Sorry, but sure hope it stays in AZ!!

  4. Oh my.. the group is getting smaller and smaller!

    Glad to hear you are gonna solar up! ... can not imagine your boondocking without solar, just relying on the generator. After having it on your old rig, I bet you miss it on this one.

    Have fun!
    Karen and Steve
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