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Monday, January 17, 2011

Laundry Day

Going to the laundromat isn’t one of my favorite things but a necessary thing I guess!  This rig has one of those all in one washer/dryers but when you are boondocking and conserving water, using it just isn’t an option.  Parker, AZ has the best grocery stores in the area and Michael had located a different laundromat than the one I used last year.  We decided to try and only do laundry every two weeks this season and I had one big, humongous, gigantic bunch of dirty clothes! 

The different laundromat was great—lots of washers and dryers, not very busy at 4p in the afternoon and best of all—free wifi—I could use my new little IPod to surf! 

Wal Mart was busy and as usual no checkers but I did manage to get out of there with a smile on my face!

Michael and Emmi held down the fort while I was gone and were still sitting outside when I came home at 7pm—that’s how warm it is here today (sorry friends and family in Montana!)

Contrast Beautiful view


  1. We are off to Parker tomorrow, so will check the check-outs in Wal-Mart ourselves.

  2. Into each life, a little dirty laundry must flow!

    Like you, we were outside tonight as well on a beautiful warm desert evening!

  3. another one doing laundry!..seems to be a pattern in the 'boondocking world'!!!..have a good one tomorrow!!..great pictures once again!!

  4. Darn those laundry days aka chore days. We're trying to do the 2 week thing as well... we're in Q tomorrow - excited!

  5. The weather is beautiful, isn't it? It's a lot better than the COLD we had a couple of weeks ago. The high yesterday at North Ranch was 75. Perfect!!
    A laundromat is not my favorite place but it sounds like you found a good one.
    Have fun and enjoy the weather.

  6. We measured the output from our washer... it takes about 6 gal to wash and 6 gal to rinse. Just saying. I know when boondocking it's a consideration to not use that much. But just so's ya know!~
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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