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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Are In Texas

We pulled out of Gina and Rollie’s driveway about 8:30 this morning after lots of hugs and lots of “see you in a couple of weeks.”  At 4:30pm we were pulling into the Braunig Lake RV Park in San Antonio.  Houston was a piece of cake today, a little busy with traffic but not bad.  I drove for about a hour today to let Michael take a rest. 

This resort has a little guy in a golf cart lead you to your site and direct you as you park.  He lead us into our site, performed a few hand motions, walked around the front of the rig, looked down the passenger side and said we were good to go.  OK, when I go to open the door, the steps open out almost on top of the picnic table.  Emmi and I almost had to do leap frog to get out of the motorhome.  Did he not see that he parked us on top of the picnic table, was he a practical jokester???? 

Ellie and Jim are parked right across the street from us and rushed out to give us lots of hugs.  Deb and Rod whom we had not met before were also there.  I took Emmi for a little walk and Michael got the rig leveled and set up.  We then took THE QUILT over to Ellie and Jim’s where Ellie had dinner ready.  As you can see from the photo, Ellie is pleased!!  We unmade the bed and put the quilt on—it fits perfectly and looks absolutely great if I do say so myself.Ellie and her quilt

Emmi enjoyed getting to meet up with Jasmine and Mr. BoJangles again.Emmi and Jasamine

And she also enjoyed being Dad’s back seat driver today.Dad's backseat driver

Ellie’s dinner was delicious, roast beef, potatoes, a great salad, angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream.  Very, very good and thanks so much Ellie! 

So, Mr. Clark is back on the west side of the Mississippi.  We found out tonight that Jim and Ellie are not traveling to the desert with us but instead are going to Rockport for a couple weeks then coming to the desert.  So, you know what that means??  We get first pick of our spot in the desert! 

We are tucked in for the night and our plan is to head west tomorrow sometime.  Gina and Rollie—we had a wonderful time, thank you so very much!


  1. Oh, Janna, I can't express how much THE QUILT means to us, and it is SO beautiful! Thank you so much for all your effort and attention to every detail, I absolutely love it.

    I'm glad you had a good travel day, and yes, that "golf cart guy" does have quite a sense of humor, you should have seen him getting us into this spot!

    We won't be far behind you on the AZ Journey, so save a good spot for us! We'll see you in the morning before you pull out.


  2. As much as we hated to see y'all leave today we know that we will see you two again in a couple of weeks. We had a fantastic time with y'all too!! I'm sure Mike is more comfortable now that he is back on the west side of that big ditch.LOL We're also glad that y'all had a safe and uneventful drive to San Antonio. Give Jim & Ellie a hug from us and I agree with you that the quilt looks great!! The Lord has truly blessed you with such an amazing gift. We miss you guys!!!

    Safe travels tomorrow,
    Rollie & Gina

  3. Beautiful quilt Janna! You did a great job. Ellie looks like she loves it. The colors are stunning.
    Thanks for the picture.

  4. beautiful job on the quilt, Janna!..Ellie looks so pleased with it!!!

  5. That quilt is gorgeous! You did a spectacular job.

  6. That quilt is just LOVELY.. awww and she looks so happy to have it!

    You do great work and it's nice to see it appreciated by the recipient. Good Job!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Having seen a few quilts myself, that one is a real beauty. Great to see Emmi having fun with a few doggie friends.

  8. I was hoping to see the quilt - it's gorgeous! Sounds like you're having a great time. :)


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