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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving Day

When I got up this morning I was full of energy and decided we were going to hike up the big hill again—after coffee, blog reading and breakfast, off we went.  Emmi always has to stop and say hello to Brenda before we can really get started and this morning was no exception.

As we were hiking up we noticed this fella high on the mountain ahead of us--IMG_5637

We finally got ourselves up the hill, huffing and puffing!  The views from up there are incredible—you can see forever and right down on all our rigs--numbered rigs

1.  Glen and Sylvia  2.  Deb and Rod  3.  John and Brenda  4. Jim and Ellie  5. Us until later in the day  6.  Mike and Pat  7.  Rollie and Gina

About lunch time we got a wild hair and decided to move—just getting too crowded around here :))).  We just moved a little ways down the desert from the rest of the gang right back into our spot we were in last year.  Feels as if we just came home—we love being out here in the desert and the peace it gives us.  

When we cranked up the motorhome, I thought to look at our propane gauge and we were empty, so off to Bouse for propane then we moved.

Happy hour was hosted by Jim and Ellie and we all brought light snacks of some sort—we spent a little over a hour visiting and laughing.  Gina took lots and lots of photos especially of our two good looking cowboys today, John and Michael. 

All in all, another great day in the sunshine spent with good friends.IMG_5639 John had spotted this guy while up on the mountain and pointed him out to us.

IMG_5646 He’s trying to mimic the desert bighorn sheep by climbing higher and higher, Emmi and I stayed below and took photos.

IMG_5651 Most of the lizards in the desert are really, really fast little critters, skittering across your path, startling you before disappearing down a hole.  This little guy must have wanted his photo taken.

Jim and Ellie’s Jasmine loves to play with Emmi, I got some great shots today.


  1. oh boy where you and JB on the same page tonight. lol

    Brenda or Brinda and Glen calls me lol

  2. another great day in the desert..and you are right it is getting crowded!..enjoy!!

  3. That's our kind of RV'ing. Wide open spaces with good hiking. Wildlife - other than your group of seven - is nice too.

  4. I really liked seeing that picture showing where all your rigs are parked. Looks like a great spot!

  5. Nice hike up the hill... to see as far as you can see. What a great gathering!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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