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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Up the hill Up the hill we go and down the hill we wentDown the hill We wanted to hike farther into the canyon we discovered yesterday and decided to take the Jeep as far as we could drive.   Getting into the canyon was a little hard on my nerves as the path in was very steep and side hilled.  Once in the bottom of the wash we just Jeeped alongJeeping until we came to a spot that even a four wheeler couldn’t have managed.  We got out and began to hike.  High above us the hillsides were just covered in cholla cactus—these cholla were of the jumping kind and balls of sticker covered cactus had rolled down off the hillside into the wash.  Emmi got sticker after sticker in her paws and fur—then we also began to get the stickers up through the soles of our shoes—time to turn around!!  YIKES, or rather OUCH! 

We started back home and Michael decided to take the scenic route—we ended up about 5 miles northwest of Bouse—those desert washes wind around forever!

When we got home I stopped and borrowed Brenda’s Kitchen Aid mixer—I wanted to make some bread.  Got all the ingredients measured into the mixing bowl, attached the dough hook, started the generator and plugged the mixer into the outlet.  SCREAM!!!  In the moving process I must have inadvertently moved the power switch forward from off to FAST!!  I then had bread dough, flour and water ALL over my motorhome.  Big globs of bread dough stuck to the bottom of the cabinet, big globs of bread dough on the floor.  Should have bought a loaf of bread!

Cooked bacon out on the grill this afternoon while I was cleaning the kitchen and started a beef stew. 

It has been a windy, windy day and not very warm.  We are anxiously awaiting our friends—Jim & Ellie, Rod & Deb and Gina and Rollie


  1. Yep, I've never understood why people go to all that fuss making bread when ya can just buy the darn stuff in the store. All wrapped up kinda neat too.....

  2. I sure don't mean to laugh about your mixer mix-up, but it is kind of funny. A picture would have been great!!

  3. Does that mean we don't get homemade bread tomorrow? Awww....sorry about the mess, though. We should be there by mid-afternoon, the Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise.

  4. homemade bread is delicious but you know buying a loaf of fresh bread would be way easier!!..we feel your pain..sorry about the mess!!!


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