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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday In The Desert

That wind which Al from the Bayfield Bunch talks about hit us today and took away our warm temps!  There is something to be said for no slides—no slide awnings to flap in the wind!

Michael and Rollie spent a couple hours talking solar today, we are ready to get started building our system we think—I’m excited for sure! I made Gina’s taco soup for lunch and while Rollie wouldn’t have any soup, he did eat some homemade bread and cornbread.

I managed to get in some sewing while Rollie and Michael made a water run—didn’t want Miss Gina to run out of water!!  Gina, Jim and Ellie, Deb and Rod made a trip to Quartzsite today—last day of the RV show. 


Sunrise over our little piece of paradise this morning.

Some photos from last night’s happy hour:

IMG_5689 Brenda loving on Zoey

IMG_5690 Dave, Emmi’s baby sitter, Mike and Emmi

IMG_5692 Brenda and John

IMG_5695 Jim and Ellie, the birthday girl.

The wind has died down finally—we are supposed to have some cooler temps but at least it won’t be 5 degrees as it is in Montana tonight!


  1. happy hour looked pretty darn happy!!

  2. The wind hit us here in Desert Hot Springs for the first time this year - it was Al's fault I think for talking about it.

  3. Happy hour faces looks happy! We love our new solar setup and pleased with the decision to go ahead with it. We're heading out of here tomorrow!

  4. Ya'll look happy for sure! You mentioned sewing and I am wondering about your sewing machine. I want one to travel with-light but not junk. What do you have and what would you recommend?

  5. Happy hour looks like a lot of fun. I am going to look for my cowboy hat.


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