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Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Day In Louisiana

The plan was for Gina and I to be on the road by 9am heading for a quilt shop in Baton Rouge.  We didn’t quite make 9am but close—Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield intervened—that’s another story!

Michael and Rollie headed off to look at an enclosed trailer and other guy errands.  Gina and I found the quilt store and purchased some fabric for placemats for Gina—we are going to have quilting classes in the desert.  Next stop was just a little shopping for Gina and I at a place called Stage—great, great after Christmas sales! 

Called the guys and made plans to meet at the doctor’s office (Gina and Rollie’s doctor). 

OK, this is the other story.  Michael’s rheumatologist wants him to have a shingles and pneumonia vaccine before beginning a particular drug that might compromise his immune system.  We tried to get these vaccines in Billings before we left and again in Arkansas while there with family—the medical field right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing anywhere in this country!  Called Medicare this morning and found out that the shingles vaccine is NOT covered. 

Last Thursday I called Gina and Rollie’s doctor’s office, specifically to ask about these vaccines.  I was told, “yes we give the vaccines, you will have to pay up front for the shingles vaccine, we will not bill Medicare for that one.”  I said, “paying for the vaccines isn’t the problem, can you give him the vaccine?”  After much going back and forth between the person on the phone and someone behind the scenes, she tells me, “yes we can give the vaccine, when would you like to come in?”  We agreed on an appointment for 1pm today. 

Filled out the paperwork and was called back to an examine room.  When asked why we were there my sweet husband says, “I need a shingles and pneumonia vaccine.”  And, now comes the kicker, “we don’t have the shingles vaccine.”  WHAT?????  No shingles vaccine, it is back ordered and there is a waiting list.  We left.  Isn’t medical care in the United States just the greatest??? 

So, to heck with even thinking about doctors for the next three months—that is our decision. 

Came home and decided to forget about medical care and have a wonderful lunch with Gina and Rollie.   Homemade spaghetti sauce, great salad and homemade bread.  Dessert was some of Gina’s homemade millionaire candies. 

The afternoon consisted of Michael and Rollie fixing the pond/waterfall plumbing,Plumbers laundry, packing the motorhome and visiting.  Ashley, Parker, Dana and Nicole all stopped by and we also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rollie—Rollie’s Dad. 

Tonight we opened a bottle of wine, baked another loaf of bread and spent our last evening visiting some more.  It seems like we can always find something to talk about with Gina and Rollie.

Tomorrow we began our journey west hoping to make San Antonio by tomorrow night—not sure if we will get that far, will see what kind of time we make through traffic but Jim and Ellie are waiting for us (really Ellie is waiting for her quilt).  We had hoped Gina and Rollie would be traveling with us but they will only be about a week behind.

We have had a great time visiting here in Louisiana and are so glad we came.  It has been an absolute pleasure to see where Gina and Rollie live and to meet their families. 

Fish Reflections

I took this photo of the fish in Gina’s pond—the greenery is a reflection—I loved how this photo turned out!


  1. I love that picture!

    Enjoy San Antonio - it is one of my favorite cities.

    Travel safe!

  2. Beautiful photo of the fish in Gina's pond.

    That's a pretty weird story about the shingles vaccine. Hard to imagine that type of stuff happening. Boggles my mind and that's all I'm sayin!!

  3. great shot of the pond!!..nice work!

  4. I love that photo too. Reminds me of the reflection photo you took of the Christmas tree at your house. Hope you have a good trip West with good weather.

  5. We don't talk about medical stuff anymore either. But here is my update on fuel prices, we saw it as low as $3.09 between Boerne and Kerrville, after that it started climbing up to a high of $3.59 at the junction of I-10 and I-20. We filled at Van Horn for about $3.35 and then it dropped to $3.24 at Exit 37 just east of El Paso. From there it climbed gradually back up to $3.37 at Casa Grande, AZ. In a nutshell if you see it lower than 3.10 stop and fill

  6. Beautiful photo - at first I wondered how you got the fish to look like they were in the sky, looking up through a tree. :) (Me and My Dog)

  7. Nice Skyfish:)) I can understand your frustration with all that medical madness & my decision would have been the same as yours!!

  8. I commented before about being on Humira (a biologic) for rhumatoid arthritis, it weakens your immune system which is just the opportunity shingles needs to erupt. I now have had the shingles for 4 weeks and it is pure misery. Wish I knew about the innoculation and had gotten it. It would well be worth the $175 to avoid this ordeal. Good luck. Max from Illinois.

  9. GREAT fish pic!

    I understand the frustration on the medical situation too.

    Just went through it with pharmacy telling me that the insurance company suddenly wouldn't let me continue one drug that I have been on for 8 years and they have to special order it each time.

    Insurance said NO they never said that!

    Got back to pharmacy and figured out they just wanted to change me to a different one they regularly stock instead of special ordering my original one! ARGGGGHHHHH

    I have to continually remind them that it's not the pharmacy's choice, it's between me and my doctor.

    So now I just asked about three months worth so we can go on vacation. THAT is gonna be a jump through hoops to get it.

    Hoping to find you guys somewhere in the desert in March????

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. I know you are swearing off the docs for a while but yesterday I saw a sign in the Safeway saying they were giving out "Shingles Vaccines there". Just in case you change your mind :)

  11. Glad you posted about the shingles vaccine. Need to ask my doctor if I should get that - just started on Enbrel. Getting the pneumonia vaccine next week.

    The quilt was beautiful!


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