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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Slow Start and Naco

We were late getting up, spent a long time reading blogs and drinking coffee—then took a long walk around the neighborhood. 

Last night I suggested to Michael that we try getting medications in Naco, Mexico this year instead of taking the long trip to Algodones while we are in Bouse.  He thought that was a good idea so this afternoon off we went to Bisbee then Naco.  Jim and Linda have been getting dental work done there and gave us good directions.  I wasn’t able to get all the medications I normally get in Mexico and I think the prices were higher than in Algodones but the trip itself was much easier and the border crossing guards coming back into the US were much easier to deal with in Naco than Algodones. 

Tonight Linda suggested we try out the new Mexican food place in Tombstone.  The decor was lovely--rest our waitress was great and the food was good.  I even tried a prickly pear margarita and let me tell you, I thought about ordering another one of those and forgetting about dinner!  Jim ordered a hamburger and his potato chip fries were way over done as in burnt—Linda pointed this out to the waitress and she not only brought him some more fries, she brought us a complimentary flan dessert and gave us 10% off the bill!  Now that’s a restaurant trying to please and gain customers!

We decided to rescue our pooch who had been alone much of the day and said our goodnights.  Jim has a shooting match tomorrow and I think we may try a road trip to Slaughter Ranch.


  1. Dang it. I was just thinking about asking you to get me some Allegra. My allergies with the wood smoke are driving me crazy. Any chance you will be going back to Mexico before you come back to Montana

  2. who needs dinner..when there is margarita's!!??

  3. Just before the Slaughter ranch you can see the Mexican border running along to your right. There's a short road that takes you right over to the the big steel girders that make up the fence & it's kind of interesting to see the wall running across the desert for as far as the eye can see from east to west.

  4. Slaughter Ranch eww that doesn't sound good lol

    When are you guys heading to the desert?

    Take Care


  5. Now that kind of restaurant is appealing and attractive... not like some of the slap dash thrown together joints we see on some of the blogs. Glad you had a nice trip over the border. We are bringing along our passports too in case we want to check things out down there

    Karen and Steve
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