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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just A Great Day

We just spent the day doing this and that and some of the this and that was done sitting in the warm sunshine this afternoon.

Michael took Emmi and me on one of those seemingly endless hikes this morning—we all had to take a rest when we got back! 

Sunrise was again glorious this morning--Sunrise

John and Brenda came by about noon for a look see at our motorhome and we had a nice visit.  Gave them directions to the local trash collection spot and they were kind enough to take our trash too!

Finished shelling out my pecans I purchased in Louisiana from Mr. Homer, Gina and Rollie’s friend.  Ate way too many of them as I was shelling, too!  Gina called today and she and Rollie are very ready to head our way they just have to finish up with the docs—we are so ready to have them here, too!

For dinner tonight we had one of our favorites—steaks on the grill (Jim, he used the little Weber!!!), rosemary potatoes (yes, Bradley, potatoes with weeds), brussel sprouts and salad.  Brenda and John joined us and Brenda shared some more of that delicious chocolate cake she baked the other day. 

It was just another one of those great days!  It was warm today and should be warmer tomorrow and the weekend, sunny—just perfect!Beautiful view

Distant View

Doug and Sue left a comment this morning:

“love the spot in the desert! long are staying there for??..tanks emptied etc?? power??..please enlighten me!.”

We will be in this area for the rest of the winter, we arrive with a full tank of fresh water and in our case that is 100 gallons and empty holding tanks.  In our previous motorhome, 100 gallons of fresh water would last us 10 days—both of us shower daily (Navy showers), we do dishes usually once a day, sometimes twice and try to conserve other water such as collect the water while waiting for it to get hot, then heat that water to wash dishes.  This motorhome is new to us so we will see how long the water lasts—it has one of those crazy electric toilets and it uses more water. 

In this town there is a little community park that allows us to come in, dump our tanks and fill with fresh water for $10.  No solar power but that is on our wish list.  We have one set of friends camping with us now and two more sets of friends coming—they all have solar and wouldn’t be without it. 

While boondocking is not for some and we had never done it until last year—we are totally hooked.  The beauty and quietness of our surroundings is breathtaking.  We have the freedom to allow our little dog to run around leash-less.  We love it and if we have to run the generator a couple hours per day to recharge until we get solar, so be it!


  1. I want to come...just need to practice some more.

  2. me too...wait for us..we will be there in a few years!!!

  3. It sure does sound like you had a great day out there in the desert - what a nice spot.

    Thanks for the explanation about how you manage your tanks and power too, that was interesting.

  4. Wheee for boondocking!

    Yes, having the solar is such a nice quiet way to get out in the places you find. We are anxious to live off ours too and having a trimetric gauge is so nice to know our *numbers* as to how far we are down and how fast we are charging back up.

    Steve wants to know more about your electric toilet. If you miss the bowl, is it a shocking experience?


    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Thanks for the good info. We will come out to visit when we get down there if you are still hanging out in the dessert. How long are you thinking you might stay in that area?

  6. I love your spot. You boondock the same way we used to only we did not have a shower every day. We used to last 2 weeks on our tanks. With our solar panels the generator was only used two or three times in the winter. Actually we use it more here at home because the power goes out frequently.

  7. Hoping to see you next winter in the area....we plan to do Q and lots of boondocking in Jan before moving to Yuma for Feb/Mar

  8. We would like to do more boondocking, but never seem to get to it. We have managed 10 days without any hookups and I think we could have a gotten a few more, but we needed to move on.

    I will enjoy the process vicariously with you.


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