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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Visit With Dave

Last year when we arrived out in the desert a man stopped by, introduced himself as Dave and gave us lots of helpful hints—where to go to empty our tanks, get fresh water and propane, where the laundromat was—he was a wealth of information.  As the winter went by Dave joined us for meals and happy hours.  He made the mistake of volunteering to babysit Emmi if we ever needed someone.  We took advantage of his offer with Emmi and her duck going to stay with Dave several times during the winter. 

This morning we received an email saying Dave was back in his old spot.  This afternoon we drove over taking happy hour fixings.  He greeted Emmi with, “how’s my favorite dog?”  We enjoyed visiting with Dave before the cool night time desert air sent us home.IMG_5463

The rest of the day—I worked on a quilting project and did Michael’s job for him.  When in the RV, he washes the dishes—well, he fell down on the job today probably because all of last night’s dishes were on the counter, too!  That’s OK, he worked on something underneath the rig that probably really needed to be fixed and I certainly couldn’t do it!

John and Brenda stopped down this afternoon for a brief visit—we tried to talk them into going to Dave’s with us but they elected to stay home. 

Now we are all tucked in for the night—we all (Emmi included) really love our new reclining love seat—much more comfortable than RV furniture!




  1. Wow! Enjoying the solitude of the desert, and even having a dog sitter at hand. You're lucky. :)

  2. You are sure right that loveseat is pretty comfy.

  3. That's great your friend has returned to his old spot. Good for Emmi too.

  4. That's so sweet that Dave has become a pal to not only you but Emmi too! I love that picture of her getting some attention from him. That's just so sweet. I can't wait to meet some people that we stay in contact with like this.


  5. sounds like Dave is a great neighbour to have!..what a guy!!


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