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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Perfect Day With Friends

The day started off with a hike—it was so nice this morning we could have eaten breakfast outside.  When we returned from our hike I decided Emmi needed to get a cooler do as in hairdo.  Out came the clippers, combs, table and a stick to beat her with (not really).  A hour later she had a much cooler haircut and looks precious in the bargain.

Yesterday I received an email from Laurie and Odel asking if we were all free this afternoon.  Of course we were and began planning a cookout.  Laurie and Odel arrived about 2pm and we had hugs and handshakes before we got down to the important part—eating!  Burgers on the little Weber cooked by Michael (should have gotten a photo of that), Brenda made beans and brought a cheesecake, Laurie made this green pea salad that was delicious—we didn’t go hungry. 

Laurie Odel John and Michael Laurie, John, Michael hidden and Odel.Laurie and John Laurie and John.

John and Michael The two cowboys.  There are no photos of Brenda because she would be mad at me if I used the only photo I took of her. 

Odel and Laurie thought our boondocking spot was a little off the beaten path for them and Odel asked when he saw how far apart our rigs were, “I thought you guys like each other??”  Brenda replies, “we do and we want to keep liking each other!”

Much conversation and laughter before Laurie and Odel headed back over the mountain to Quartzsite. 

We weren’t ready for the evening to end so we headed up to John and Brenda’s where John built a great campfire around which we sat and all told stories.  The almost full moon was beautiful and the temps just perfect.  What a great day!

John and Meg

Evening Sky

Some not so great news we received today, our USAF granddaughter Laci fell while snowboarding in Italy where she is stationed and severely dislocated her shoulder.  She called today, Laci has had several broken bones in her life but she said this one really, really hurt—like nothing she had ever experienced.  Poor kid!


  1. One thing I've discovered about us bloggers is that we all seem to eat pretty good!!

    Sorry to hear about your granddaughter's accident, glad it wasn't a lot worse.

  2. Janna, just relived the fun, fun afternoon through your blog. We really enjoyed our visit - and such fantastic weather, too! Wave "hi" to your neighbors for us. :)

  3. You guys are just having too much fun!

    On John and Brenda's blog they showed a pic by your rig of Mike grilling and having some kind of three legged workbench thingamajig? Care to elaborate or post a pic?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Sounds like a good day. Hope Laci feels better soon.

  5. Food and fun with friends, doesn't get much better!
    Hope your granddaughter heals quickly!

  6. you know, all this fun you are having really shouldn't be allowed!!..thanks for letting us tag along!!!


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