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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Group Is Growing

Jeez, I go off to Parker for a few hours and come back to find our neighborhood has enlarged!  Gina & Rollie, Mike & Pat and Glenn & Sylvia arrived today about mid afternoon.  We are all spread out in the desert almost to the point that if you want to go visiting, you need to drive!

John and Brenda hosted dinner for the travelers today—all the folks with prior arrivals contributed something and we had another delicious meal of hotdogs and sausages, delicious potato salad, chili and salad.  For dessert we had good old s’mores over the campfire. 

It was so good to see Gina and Rollie again and we finally got to meet Mike and Pat.  I’ll take some photos of the special gifts Gina and Rollie brought all of us tomorrow.

Got my hair cut today, bought groceries, filled up the Jeep with high dollar gas and did the laundry—I was just busy over in Parker.  I think the whole town of Parker was in Wal Mart today!

Some of the gang John, Rod, Glenn, Sylvia and Deb

Telling stories That must have been some kind of tale Mike was telling!  My photos aren’t the greatest tonight, I was too busy visiting but Rollie will have some special ones for you on his blog, I am sure!


  1. party on!!..looks like it is going to be a busy few days!!

  2. We are so glad to finally meet you and Mike. Rollie and Gina have told us so much about you, it seems like we have known you a lifetime. Thanks for making us feel welcome. We are looking forward to enjoying a few days in this beautiful little piece of Arizona "Heaven" with you and the rest of the "gang". Hugs....Pat

  3. Looks like so much fun! Yesterday must have been haircut day - us too! There was a young cashier man at Parker Walmart who asked for my ID to purchase some wine. I was thrilled and told him he made my day! The ladies around had a good laugh!

  4. Enjoy, and say Hi to all from Emma and me! :)

  5. Looks like pretty soon you are going to have to post a roster of who's who.

  6. Wow what a gang you have congregating there in the desert. Bloggerville!

    Karen and Steve
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