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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Major Hike and A Gathering

There are 3 peaks to the west of us, Michael and John have both been to the top, Michael decided today was my turn.  Oh, my—summit elevation 1500 feet but it sure felt like 3000 feet by the time we got to the top.That one Doesn’t look that bad of a climb from this photo does it??  We climbed the peak on the far left.

On the way up Emmi got a cholla cactus spine in her paw, I sat down on a rock, put my camera on the ground and pulled the cactus.  When we got to the top of the first peak, no camera, my sweet husband went back down and retrieved the camera for me!

The views from on top are all reaching—go forever kind of views.

View from on top hill View from on top hill2 Our rigs The two red circles are our rigs, John and Brenda on the left us on the right.

View from on top hill3 There is a cairn on top with a glass jar containing a log book and pencil.  We noted our ascent to the top.

Our entry

Us on top of the hill Right after the camera took this photo my batteries died.

We made it back home just in time to shower and get ready to head to Quartzsite for the Escapees Club happy hour.  John and Brenda were looking forward to meeting up with some folks they knew from the RV Dreams group and we just tagged along.  There were probably 400 people there, YIKES!  We met some really nice people while there.

Quartzsite grocery stores left a lot to be desired today—no bread, no hotdogs or sausage of any kind.  As Brenda has a gathering planned for tomorrow afternoon, she and I make a run over to Wal Mart in Parker when we got home from Quartzsite.  I may have to whack the next person that asks me “what do you doooo in the desert????” 

Homemade pizza for dinner when I got home to one glad to see me husband and dog.  The dog was much more excited to see me than Michael!  And, Michael had a visitor while I was gone—when we would take a walk in one of the dry washes near us we noticed an older motorhome that didn’t look as if anyone ever drove another vehicle in to its site.  Well, the owner of that motorhome, a single gentleman probably in his seventies has been coming to this area for many years.  Michael and he had a great chat!

And that is it for another one of those great days in the desert.


  1. Oh, my, you went to the Happy Hour! One of the hosts, Denny, was my driving instructor last summer. I'm sure it was quite an experience to be at that gathering!

    We're on the some of that fun for us!

    See you soon,

  2. Looks like it was a nice hike. Do you know what the white structure is in the lower center of the photo of the view of your rigs?

  3. Well, you explain your day so well, I won't have to ask you "so, what do you doooo in the desert????”

  4. sounds like a great day in the desert!..I was just going to ask? other neighbours? this not a popular boondocking looks great to us..but we are just wondering is this a secret place!?

  5. Quote: "I may have to whack the next person that asks me “what do you doooo in the desert????”

    Yep, I know exactly how you feel:))

  6. Gosh I could find a zillion things to do each day, and think of more for the next day!

    Love your photos and enjoyed your walk with you. Thanks for sharing.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Great to meet you two!!

    And, yes, we enjoy finding out what everyone else is doing in the desert. We now understand how everyone can spend so much time here!


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