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Friday, January 28, 2011

Arizona Paradise

Perfect weather, good friends, lots of walking space—what more could you ask for? 

We woke to a cool 38 degrees and the internet Weather Underground said the temp in Bouse was 29 degrees—it was just a little chilly!  But the day quickly warmed and turned perfect, just above 70 degrees and no wind.  We even got a little hot on our walk this morning as we were later than usual getting started.

It’s hard to get home when you get back from a walk, our rig is parked down past all the others, everyone is sitting outside enjoying the sun and of course we have to stop and visit.  

Fixed lunch when we got home, showered and gathered up the ladies that were here, Ellie, Gina, and Pat.  John, Brenda, Deb and Rod had braved the Quartzsite crowd today.  Glen and Sylvia were gone, too.  The rest of us headed to Parker for a Wal Mart run and to hopefully pick up the stuff I ordered from the feed and tack store—nope, Michael’s horse liniment didn’t come via UPS today, maybe Monday. 

I think the entire state of Arizona was in the Parker Wal Mart.  Every check out counter was staffed and the place was a zoo! 

We are taking a big step—dumping Verizon!  We’ve been Verizon customers for years and years—it’s the only reliable phone service in Montana.  While Rollie and Gina were visiting this summer we talked about his Straight Talk phone program and his Millenicom internet service both of which worked well while he was in Montana.  Straight Talk offers unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited web for $45/month with no contract using a phone you purchase at Wal Mart.  I currently pay Verizon $90/month for 700 minutes!!!  No text and no web browsing.  I do have Michael’s Dad’s phone included on that $90/month, too. 

Our Verizon air card is $60 a month with the infamous 5GB limit.  Millenicom offers 20GB for $60/month with no contract.  Unlimited internet usage is $70 per month with Millenicom.

So, what do we have to lose, if it doesn’t work, there are no contracts to break and we can go back to Verizon.  I called Verizon today to offer them a chance to keep me as a customer and they offered me a whopping $10 off per month!  I’m excited—while I would love to have an IPhone, I just can’t justify that expense, but I have a new phone with a keypad and perhaps I can learn to text a little faster, you think???  Never have understood this texting thing—why not just pick up the phone and call???

Michael, Emmi and I are just relaxing here in our rig, watching the sun go down on another great day.IMG_5670

That spire in the mountain range is over by the dam on the Colorado River north of Parker about 35 miles from here—it was such a clear day today.


  1. It is my understanding that the unlimited plan on Millenicom is on the Sprint network. We have had Sprint coverage before we went to the 20GB plan with Millenicom and found it adequate but folks tell me Verizon coverage which is the 20GB plans supplier is better. We'll see.

  2. I am thinking of getting the droid with Verizon and get unlimited internet use for $30. You can download an a program that will allow it to act as a wi-fi for up to 5 computers, all dor the $30.

    If that works as I hope, I will then cancel the Verizon card.

  3. At lot of folks, including me, will be very interested to hear how your Millenicom service works - especially how the coverage is compared to Verizon's.

  4. another great day in the desert! are all so lucky!..can't wait to see what you think of your new cell service!!

  5. We'll be interested in seeing how you make out with Millenicom. We probably wouldn't switch anthing this winter but would take a serious look at things next fall.

  6. That has to be so much fun to gather up the ladies and hang out together!

  7. Thanks for inviting me on the Walmart "run". I had a great time, good conversation and managed to get everything I needed. See U later today. Hugs......Pat

  8. my daughters explained to me about's soooo great because they don't have to talk long if they don't want to OR they don't have to answer either!! Kids lay in on the line...ha ha!


  9. Will be interested in hearing more about your experiences with Millenicom. I heard they don't have their own towers, but *rent* space from the major players. Some geek reports I read said your calls come second to the big boy's customers, and sometimes you get dropped or no signal?

    Karen and Steve
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