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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ripe Tomatoes

IMG_8416That’s a nickel, so these tomatoes are not very big—they are a black cherry heirloom tomato.  I do have lots and lots of green tomatoes, a few with a reddish tint—maybe soon I will have tomatoes.  My sister in Arkansas has canned and canned tomatoes, plus she still has tomatoes on the vines—I guess the price we pay for living in paradise is lack of produce!

Yoga this morning—it’s been a while for me and I could feel it!  Back home I made lunch then headed up to Judy’s—one of the yoga group who is originally form Michigan—she and her husband recently went back home for a visit and brought back fresh blueberries that were frozen.  I went to collect my 10 pounds—they are delicious, I made smoothies this afternoon.

The TinTeePee is painted, done—thank goodness!!  Michael just needs to finish up a few things—toilet paper holder, paper towel holder, curtain rods, etc.  He worked on getting his 1995 diesel totally put together and out of the garage today—yea, now maybe the Cadillac can go in there??? 

Nat and I are off to Billings—he is having another MOHS procedure on his nose—if they keep whittling on his nose, soon he may need a new one!


  1. Of course if Nat could spin a few tall tales he might be able to keep his nose growing.

  2. hope the procedure went well for Nat!
    no pictures of the tinteepee?..come on now you have to share!

  3. I don't know what the tinteepee is exactly. Waiting for pictures:)

    Yes, I guess slow fresh produce is the price for beauty...Arkansas or Montana...not a tough one!


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