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Saturday, August 10, 2013

We Almost Lost Emmi

Our plan was to leave early and avoid the heat.  I have to say I was ready long before my dear cowboy! SmileEmmi was walked and we headed out of the park on to the access road to hook up the jeep.  Jeep is hooked up, lights work, wheels roll and the steering wheel turns—I always watch for these things while Michael pulls the motorhome forward a few yards.  I ran up to jump in the motorhome and said, “where’s Emmi?”  No Emmi, not hiding in the bathroom looking for her ball, not on the back of the couch, nowhere!  I freak, jump out of the motorhome and run back down the hill, just as I round the corner toward our former site a man walks around the bathroom with Emmi at his feet!  He said he found her sitting at our site and thought to himself, “that dog belongs to those people who just pulled out.”  Poor Emmi—I jerked her up into my arms, hugging and hugging her—she was very glad to see me.  Emmi must have jumped out while we had the screen door open—someone could have taken her in that short length of time but all is well, we have our baby with us tonight and believe you me, we will watch her better from now on!! 

We changed our plans deciding to forego travel across central Oregon instead opting to travel to the Portland area on I84.  Miles led to more miles and we ended up in the Lincoln City Elks Lodge RV park—nothing to brag about but adequate for one night.  Tomorrow we will travel to near Florence and hopefully stay in an Oregon state park recommended by Paul and Nina—we are both in need of some peace, quiet, ocean and cool temps. 

We drove past the remains of several still smoking forest fires today, the air is hazy but at times we were able to see Mt. Hood very clearly.  I had fresh blackberries for breakfast with my yogurt—there were loaded blackberry bushes bordering last nights’ park.  Hopefully we will have some great photos tomorrow too!!


  1. I can just imagine the panic and relief of losing and finding Emmi! Hope you enjoy the drive down the coast. The skies cleared a bit here today and we could see the mountains from our motorhome for the first time in the week we've been here.

  2. Oh how scary, for you and for Emmi. Glad the story had a happy ending.

  3. Those moments looking for Emmi would have been awful. The Oregon coast will bring welcome relief from the heat.

  4. I can just imagine your panic when you realized Emmi was missing. So glad all worked out!

    Fresh picked blackberries...yum!!!

  5. Sure glad Emmi was nearby and o.k. - pretty scary moment. Florence is a nice spot on the Oregon coast so I'm looking forward to seeing some of your photos.


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