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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fabulous Day

It sure is nice having our own private tour guides during our stay in Coos Bay.  We slept like babies last night, had a nice, leisurely morning then headed over to Ainslie and Beryl’s about 10am.  And off we went—Ainslie is a geologist and enjoys sharing his love of rocks with the rest of us.  Last night he plotted our trip to Sunset Cove for low tide so we could do some rock scrambling.  I was just a tad nervous, we were hanging onto rocks, planting our feet carefully all the while watching the ocean swirl beneath us—Emmi was a little mountain goat, jumping and slipping over the rocks right along with us.  But the views and critters we saw made the adrenalin rush well worth it!

IMG_7899IMG_7915Beryl being the wiser of the four elected to stay behind.


Tidal pools, sea critters, rock formations, pounding surf, fog, cool ocean breeze—what’s not to like!!



IMG_7960We scrambled back around the rocks and set out for Shore Acres—a botanical gardens—we didn’t linger long, unfortunately as they had a no pet policy and it was a little too warm and sunny by that time to leave Emmi for long in the truck.  The gardens were spectacular!


From the gardens we drove on down the road to Simpson Reef where from the moment we got out of the truck you could hear the seals and sea lions—there were hundreds of the critters out there! 




OK, time for lunch and the spot Ainslie picked had a dog friendly deck, perfect clam chowder plus great fish and chips. IMG_8024 I’m not sure where we will find room for Ainslie’s fajitas tonight but I bet we do.  So far it was a picture perfect day—we are loving the Oregon coast!


  1. Ahhh! What great pictures! I love the beautifully colored starfish. And I never tire of seeing and hearing the seals and sea lions.

  2. Ahhh nothing like the Oregon Coast!! Thanks for sharing a picture perfect day!

  3. Great pics of the Oregon Coast with all the fog! Looks like you're getting a real taste (clam chowder etc.) of the west coast, too.

  4. you are getting to see all the sights!! Shore Acres is a lovely botanical garden!!! When we went to Simpson Reef it was so foggy that you couldn't see the seals but you sure could smell and hear them!
    Are you heading north or south?..if you are going north the Three Capes Drive is a must and if you are going south the Samuel Boardman area is spectacular!

  5. Simply beautiful! The Oregon coast is mesmerizing! It sure brings back some fond memories of motorcycle ride through there; only a few months ago!


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