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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Oregon Coast, Finally

We would be willing to bet money the folks parked next to us at the Elks Lodge are nursing mighty large hangovers today—judging by the pile of beer cans and bottles piled behind their rigs!!!  We were rolling out of there at 7am and I bet the sound of that diesel engine didn’t help their hangovers, either! Winking smile

Traffic was non-existent which made for a happier driver and after passing Oregon state park after Oregon state park with “campground full” signs we rolled into the Carl G. Washburne State Park right at 8am—it also had a “campground full” sign.  But I was determined and it is Sunday when a lot of folks have to leave and go back to work.  My determination and good nature Smilepaid off—the host came out of the check in building and we made conversation for a minute or so.  He then told me most of the park would be empty by 1pm but there was one site all ready empty if I wanted to take it—we could move later when something else opened up.  YES!!!  IMG_7718IMG_7721

We did later move to a more private site right beside a little creek with neighbors only on one side.  Full hook ups—50amp electric, water and sewer for $26/night, a bargain on the Oregon coast!  There is a half mile trail to a mostly deserted beach—what is not to like about that!!  We enjoyed a great lunch then Emmi and I headed to the beach--



I love the coast, the coolness, the fog and mist, the sounds and smells—yep, I love the Oregon coast.

IMG_7730And I think Emmi does too!

IMG_7732Path to the beach.

As Paul and Nina said in a review of this campground, there is no connectivity.  I cannot get an internet signal even with the external antennae.  My cellphone did work out on the beach, Mom called but I will have to post this when I go to the grocery store.  


  1. We spent a couple of days there two years ago. Loved the trail from the CG to the beach. Looking forward to more reminders of one of our most loved places, the Oregon coast.

  2. Hummmm I wonder if you are north or south of us. We are located in the Humbug Mountain State Park, also with beach access. But we are paying $20.00/night.....come join us!

    1. ahh, you are a lot north of us. We will have to try nina's recommendation next stop!

  3. nice to see the ocean again!!!enjoy the beach and the breeze!!

  4. Camped here in January 2013. Very nice park.

  5. Wow you guys totally motored over here. Was it only 2 blog posts ago you left LOL?
    If you like lighthouses Haceta Head Lighthouse just came out of a 2-year's gorgeous and right next to you.
    When are you coming to Bandon? Just throw me an e-mail when you do


  6. Your site looks nice and the beach looks familiar. You two are in for a nice holiday on the Oregon coast.

  7. Love the Oregon Coast...lucky you!! I bet it feels wonderful to be out of that awful heat!! I bet Emmi likes that too! Have fun and enjoy!

  8. Emmi looks extremely happy to have found the beach and some cool weather to boot. Looks like a great park and a nice site you have.

  9. Beautiful!!! I'm glad you got a nice site and with FHU!! What a bargain! Emmi is too cute with her sandy face and adorable pink polka dot harness!

  10. I definitely see a smile on Emmi's face. We are headed that way in a month or so and can't wait to smell the salt air and eat the seafood.


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