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Monday, August 26, 2013

Beans and Emmi Goes To The Vet

When we left on our Oregon trip we moved the tomato plants in containers from the deck down to the garden—the garden has an automatic sprinkler system.  When we retrieved the plants yesterday I noticed the bean plants actually had beans!!  Enough for a meal—a small one!

IMG_8414The sunglasses are there to give you a comparison! Smile

I got after the painting in the TinTeePee this morning and only stopped to make lunch.  After lunch Emmi and I headed to town for multiple errands, one of which was an appointment for Emmi at the veterinarian’s. 

Several months ago while we were still in Texas Emmi began to have issues with involuntary urination—she would be laying on our laps, sound asleep and all of a sudden we would realize our laps were wet.  Emmi would just sleep on, totally unaware she had done anything which her parents might find revolting!  I mentioned this problem to Ellie—they have two schnauzers and we talked about what it could be.  I mentioned it to our Spokane friend Mary who has had dogs all her life—Mary’s diagnosis was spot on.  Dr. Jim said, “in spayed females, usually not as young as Emmi, they lose “tone in their urinary sphincter.”  A pill taken once a day cures it—we are not thrilled with Emmi having to take medication every day but we are also not thrilled with wet laps!! Smile

Lonn and Laci stopped by this afternoon to retrieve a truck which had been left here.  It was good to visit with them—plotting and planning their camping trip over the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

IMG_8411A warm one today but no smoke at least. 


  1. Jasmine has been taking that pill for several years now with good results. She thinks it's her special treat! Hope it helps Miss Emmi.

  2. Never heard of that condition in spayed females before. Luckily, Emma does not suffer from it... yet.

  3. I'm with Judy - have never heard of that before. So far so good at our house. We have a vet appointment for the girls when we get back to Billings next week. I'm hoping they've both lost a little weight.

  4. I am definitely in take the pill over the wet lap:)

  5. the pill sounds like a good idea! hope it works for Emmi!

  6. Our old cattle dog had to take the "pill" in her golden years, but if I recall after a year or so we weaned her off it and all was well again.

  7. Who knew?! Taking a pill beats wearing Doggie Depends!! Can't you picture that one!!:o)


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