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Sunday, August 18, 2013

We Meet Paul and Nina

This was probably our all time shortest travel day ever—21 miles, from Coos Bay to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon, OR.  Bullards Beach is a large Oregon state park and quite crowded—we have an allergy to reservations and took our chances, scoring a nice back in spot with electric and water hookups.  Parked and walking the wild, windy beach before noon—can’t beat that kind of travel day!!


Homemade pizza for lunch then I made a run into Bandon—there is after all a quilt shop there!  A quick stop at the grocery store which had no fresh rosemary—dang it—and back to the park.  I wanted to make these rosemary flavored toasted nuts—I made do with dried rosemary but they weren’t the same as the ones Jeane served us, good but not quite the same. 

The nuts were munchies for our gathering to meet Paul and Nina from Wheeling It.  Nina writes the Wheeling It blog with great RV park reviews, finding camping spots hints and resources, healthy living suggestions, etc.  Paul writes a financial blog that is an excellent resource—even I have gotten interested in the investing world reading Paul’s blog.  It was such a pleasure to spend a couple hours this afternoon getting to know them.  They are finishing up a two month stint volunteering as lighthouse hosts here in Bandon. 


A perfect Oregon day!




  1. how nice that you got to meet up with Paul and Nina! looks like Emmi enjoyed the meet and greet too!

  2. It's great that you finally met up with Paul and Nina. They certainly are a wealth of knowledge in so many areas, as well as, wonderful people with which to chat. I am sure Polly was excited to meet Emmi but not sure how the big dog/little dog thing went!

  3. Bandon is on my list of favourite Oregon coast spots. Nice to go back with your blog.

  4. Beautiful pics in your blog today, Janna. I really like the glimpse of the ocean taken through the tall grass.

    Looks like Emmie found a new BFF.

  5. Nina's blog is always one I look forward to reading. I love the ocean through the grass picture. So neat. Emmi sure does know how to make friends.

  6. I am sure it was a fun exchange between you four. Nice pix of the are too.

  7. You're at my favorite spot on the Oregon coast!

  8. Oh, MY GOSH!!!! We passed on the 101! We stopped by to say hi to Nina and were off....and you must have come in! Now.,,,,,, we are in Coos Bay! We went to the beach today and it was absolutely NOTHING! Wish we were back in the Bandon area.

  9. Just want to say it was SO MUCH FUN to see you both. We owe you a very good dinner!

  10. Great opening shot of the coast - I always love your pictures.


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