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Friday, August 16, 2013

We Could Get Used To This

A quiet, peaceful morning here in our motorhome overlooking the bay.  We met Beryl and Ainslie at their home just after lunch with plans for another sightseeing afternoon.  On our agenda was a couple waterfalls about 20 miles outside of Coos Bay.  Ainslie grew up near here and is a wealth of information about any part of Oregon.  Beryl is from Wales and is just a delight to listen to—and sometimes I have to listen closely to understand what she is saying! Smile

The hikes to the waterfalls were easy and not steep at all—a pleasant afternoon stroll, really.  The waterfalls were spectacular—about 75 feet tall—and even though the water flow is not as much as it would be in spring or winter, it was still beautiful.  There were few people around which made it even better!



Once home Ainslie and Beryl treated us to another great meal—we had steaks with arugula, parmesan cheese, drizzled with olive oil—oh, my!   Corn on the cob along with steamed kale and peas from their garden—an amazing meal! 

We have another special day planned tomorrow—we can’t wait, not sure our waistlines can handle it but we will give it a try!


  1. Beautiful!! I've lived in Oregon for 45 years and didn't know about these falls. There is a Silver Falls up near Salem but these are new to me. Thanks for posting...that's close enough for a day trip for us.

  2. sounds like you have the perfect tour guides! and chefs too!

  3. beautiful pictures Janna. Continue to have a great visit. I love hearing about it.

  4. The waterfalls are beautiful! It's neat that there is still a nice amount water this time of year. We really enjoyed Oregon and are anxious to return for a longer visit with lots more hiking.

    Have fun with your friends. It is always so nice to have locals for the hidden gems:)

  5. Oregon is a beautiful state, that's for sure. Enjoy.

  6. Nice videos of the waterfalls. We've stayed in Coos Bay a few times but never knew about those falls - next time!

  7. What great tourist guides you have. Local folks always know where the truly great place to visit are. Looking forward to more photos from your travels there.

  8. I love, love, love waterfalls. And you may not want to return home again any time soon. We're having nice hot August weather. Great Falls even broke a record and Helena hit their hi.


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