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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coos Bay

IMG_7868Last shots from James Washburne State Park—Emmi and I took a nice long walk yesterday afternoon.IMG_7869

We’ve landed in Coos Bay—our little hose problem fixed by the handy/dandy cowboy man-IMG_7870and no more pack rats we hope!

Once again we were pulling out early to beat the traffic on Highway 101 arriving in Coos Bay just in time to have my cowboy take me to breakfast at the local casino.  After breakfast we called Ainslie and he came to get Michael—we had planned to park in their driveway for the time we are here.  The cowboy/driver vetoed that idea after seeing the driveway—two really tight corners, very steep downhill, then back uphill.  So, Ainslie knew of this park, The Lucky Logger, which is just about 10 blocks from their house.  The owner very nicely directed us to a site on the bay--IMG_7877-001It’s a typical RV park, crowded, near the highway but it will be perfectly fine for these days we are here visiting friends. 

All parked and hooked to utilities, we headed up the hill to the lovely home Beryl and Ainslie built—a beautiful oasis.  You would never know they are within walking distance of downtown Coos Bay.  Beryl’s flower gardens and patio are breathtaking, they have a huge garden spot and fruit trees.


We enjoyed a little lunch and conversation before coming back over to the rig to examine the backs of our eyelids.  Ainslie is doing ribs on the grill tonight—can’t wait!


It sure is nice to be back in the land of connectivity again!


  1. Coos Bay is beautiful! We've been through the area on a motorcycle but with the MH.

    Wow! What gorgeous gardens! I can't even begin to think about the hours it took plant everything and then water it all. That's true flower love. Glad you are enjoying all the color:)

  2. What a gorgeous yard. A lot of folks don't understand how hard it is to get an RV parked. We have this huge spot but it's not easy to get into it with all the trees and bushes. And it's really not level. Have a great visit. You are in a gorgeous area.

  3. Coos of our favourite's! enjoy your stay!

  4. Beautiful pics of the beach at Washburne State Park.

    We stayed at the Lucky Logger RV Park for one night while heading north a few years ago. As I remember, it wasn't one of our all-time favourite spots. Looks like you got a nice site though.

  5. Having recently rolled through there, your photos bring back the great visuals we witnessed. The Oregon coast is such a beautiful place to visit.


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