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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Windy, Wild, Whales

At times it was hard to stand still enough to take photos—that’s how hard the wind was blowing at the Port Orford Heads State Park.  We had a hold on Emmi—it was blowing hard enough to blow her 11 pounds right over the cliff I think! 

We drove south of Port Orford a ways—the coast just continues to become more beautiful and spectacular as we go.  Our purpose in going this direction today was to visit with Jim and Ellie who are staying in Port Orford for the next month.  We all enjoyed a lunch of clam chowder before heading out for a little hike—Jim and Ellie saw whales yesterday while hiking out at the Heads State Park. 

Have you ever tried to take photos of whales—the dang things are camera shy—coupled with the sun on the water, I got very few decent photos—so use your imagination! SmileMaybe Jim will have some better photos???




The sea lions or seals—whichever they are—were more photogenic—I caught them sunbathing while the waves crashed all around.


It was great as always to see Jim and Ellie—I wish our paths could have crossed earlier in this Oregon visit but it was not to be—next time guys!

Tomorrow we head inland to visit a spot I last saw when I was 17 years old and Michael saw when he was about 9 years old. 




  1. I know exactly what you mean by the wind on the Oregon Coast. We visited a place called Cape Foulweather and foul it was. We could barely stand straight against it.

    Beautiful photos of the ocean, and yes, I do believe I saw a whale!

  2. We've been breezy here which isn't helping the fires. And I'm jealous - we have yet to see a whale. I can use my imagination with them but I was hoping you'd get a picture that that commercial with them flipping their tail. The water looks rough.

  3. Way too short a visit, but a good one, as they always are! We really enjoyed seeing you again, wishing you safe travels!

  4. you got some great photos of the Port Orford Heads today, Janna!
    one of our favourite hikes when we are there!

  5. Port Orford has a quilt shop. Been there twice when we passed through, and spent $$$. Have a great time.

    1. Yep, I made a stop too Heather but unfortunately didn't purchase a thing--that's three quilt shops I've been in lately without purchasing a thing--something must be wrong with me!! Of course the cowboy is ecstatic!!

  6. Port Orford has a quilt shop. Been there twice when we passed through, and spent $$$. Have a great time.

  7. Great pictures and glad you snuck in a visit with Jim and Ellie. Now sneak across that border!!!

  8. You are making me long for the ocean. :)

  9. Ohhh!!! You don't have any idea how homesick for the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Northwest!! Your photos were awesome and I thought you got great ones of the whales!! Glad you had a great visit with Jim and Ellie - did you get to meet Gordon and Juanita too??

  10. Beautiful coastline photos! How wonderful that you actually saw a whale!


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