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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I’m Home And It Runs

On July 31, 2007 Michael and a friend staying in our driveway in their RV drove Michael’s 1995 Ford 3/4 ton truck to a job site pulling a trailer loaded with the mini-excavator.  They worked all day then drove home—the next morning the truck would not start.  Michael tried to get it running then and became so frustrated he took it to the Chevrolet dealership in Big Timber.  The garage could never get the truck running either and we hauled it home. 

Every summer Michael hauls the truck down the hill and into the garage—he will work on it for a while then become frustrated and haul it back up the hill to its parking place.  Almost six years to the day, the truck now runs!!!  Friday, August 2, 2013, a very excited Michael called me to say, “the truck is running!!”  The power train control module and the injector pressure regulator were both bad—he always thought he only had one problem when actually it was two.  It took a set of books which when closed measure 18 inches thick—a set of Ford service manuals purchased from a Ford garage no longer in business.  I have one excited husband!

Kelly and I left for the airport at the awful hour of 4:15am this morning, I had a 6am flight, Kelly had a 6:30 flight.  UGH!!  Yesterday we enjoyed brunch at the home of Elaine and Mark’s son Mikael and his wife Julie.

  One of Mark and Elaine’s daughters, Cheri along with Kelly and myself.

In the afternoon we visited with Elaine and Mark at their condo before going downtown to the Wild Horse Saloon.  What a total zoo downtown Nashville was—thousands of people on the streets, loud music coming from all the bars and restaurants—I think I am way too old for that kind of stuff any more!!

It was a fabulous weekend—just the best, being with such good, good friends.  

Kelly’s husband Tom is a retired surgeon and a whiz with a camera and computer photo enhancing.  Kelly brought us all copies of the following photos Tom “fixed.”  The originals were taken in late April when Kelly, Shirley and Elaine came to visit me in Corpus Christi—we went to the sand castle event.

Sand Castle photos 4Sand Castle photos

Sand Castle photos 2Sand Castle photos3

Kelly asked Tom why Janna got to be the queen and he replied, “well, she organized that gathering didn’t she???”  We all absolutely got the biggest kick out of his “doctoring” of our photos!

It is wonderful to be home with Michael and Emmi!

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  1. 6 years to get a truck started has to be a record in perseverance - that's pretty amazing. Congrats to Michael.

    You are a true Sand Sculpture Queen!


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