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Friday, August 9, 2013

Scrambled Eggs For Supper

My student at the quilt shop yesterday, Kathy, was a delight to teach—attentive, eager to learn all about the new longarm and a quick learner.  I spent about six hours in the shop--we even loaded one of her customer quilts and Kathy was off to a good start by the time I left.

Back at the campground Michael was emptying tanks and taking on fresh water when I drove in.  We pulled out about 4pm and drove to Lincoln, MT (yep, claim to fame, home of the infamous Unabomber)finding a great USFS campground along the Blackfoot River.  A very quiet and dark night, just as we like!


Dawdled over coffee this morning, took Ms. Emmi for a nice long walk,  pulling out about 9am heading for Missoula—hopefully there I can sit still long enough to get our internet issues resolved.  Our aircard is working plugged directly into the computer—I fixed that part yesterday but we still can’t connect both computers using our Cradlepoint router.  The last technician I spoke with at Cradlepoint needed a real good lesson in manners and customer service—let’s hope I get a better one today!

Friday, August 9th

With a stop in Missoula to purchase me a new watch—mine died right as we were leaving home Tuesday—we were in one spot long enough for me to get a very pleasant young man on the phone from Cradlepoint who got our internet working properly—YEA!  You become so dependent on the internet to locate campgrounds, check the weather, do your banking and bill pay—I can go a day or two without but soon after that I am ready to be connected. 

We drove Highway 12 from Missoula to Orofino, Idaho and we are having scrambled eggs for supper—literally everything in this motorhome is scrambled!  I had things fall out of cabinets which usually always stay put.  As my southern speaking Dad would have said, “a danged ole black snake must have laid out this road.”  At times it felt as if the front was gonna meet the back end.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking but I don’t think we need to travel that road ever again unless it is in the Toyota MR2 convertible!!!

We are parked in of all thing a full service BLM campground—30amps, water and sewer.  Located along the Clearwater River the sites and streets are paved.  And we needed full service—50amp would have been better so we could run TWO air conditioners as here at 4pm in the afternoon it is 109 degrees—yep, you read that right, 109 degrees!!! 

We started this trip saying we were only going to travel in the mornings when it was cooler until we got out to the coast—that hasn’t happened yet, maybe I can chain him to that statement tomorrow??  I think he got hot enough this afternoon before we pulled in here, the generator was running with two air conditioners going and it was still cooking!!

In Kooskia, ID we stopped to visit the Kooskia Café—a friend of Lonn and LoraLee’s who used to live near us on the East Boulder owns this café but unfortunately she had just left for the day—we had some great strawberry milkshakes though!

Trying to get cooled down and hoping the sun goes away behind the clouds soon!  Photos tomorrow!


  1. Liked that long lonesome highway photo. It put my 'hitch itch' into overdrive.............

  2. The only other thing you needed as you traveled that ol' washboardy road was bottle of hand soap to self-squirt all over the stuff the road has flung out of the cabinets. It makes a lovely mess and gives everyone something to laugh about 'cuz that's exactly all you can do. Grin and bear it.

    I can identify.

    Emjay (who does not put liquid soap in a pump dispenser in the trailer anymore unless it's double-bagged)

  3. 109F - that's way too hot. You'll love the Oregon Coast when you get there and I doubt you'll even need A/C.

  4. Yes, that is quite hot! Time to move on quickly. Travel safely!


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