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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last Day In Coos Bay

Yep, all good things must come to an end—I never really liked that saying, why must all good things come to an end???  Ainslie and Beryl loaded us up in the big Ford truck and off we went on another adventure this morning—Bandon.  As we would miss the Friday and Saturday farmer’s market with our Sunday arrival in Bandon, we decided to go down today and enjoy some fish and chips in the bargain.  The morning started out overcast and gray but by noon it was sunny and beautiful in Bandon.  We grabbed some heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and much to Michael’s dismay—a squash! 

We strolled around in some of the galleries and stores before settling down at an outside table for our fish and chips—Michael was the odd man out, he had a prawn basket!  Once again Emmi got to join us—she is getting used to this although today she had a dining companion who loudly voiced his displeasure at her arrival! SmileIMG_8066IMG_8069IMG_8070

After our lunch we strolled around a little more before heading out toward home a round about way—Ainslie grew up near Bandon and makes a great tour guide.  On the way we came across this rock slide which had completely blocked one lane of the highway--IMG_8071Ainslie used his cellphone to call “911” and ask them to send someone out to direct traffic—as you can see the slide was kind of hidden by a curve.

Ainslie took us to the most interesting place—a woodworking studio located in an old general store building—the artist, Philip Clausen was there and allowed us to see some of his beautiful carvings.  Most of his work is done using a single tree and is all one piece.  There was the most beautiful table which stretched 17 feet, all carved in one piece from one tree—it was simply stunning!  This “mushroom” was attached to the side of the building and was massive.  IMG_8073An eight foot tall man could have laid down in this tub, the wood was so incredibly colorful and sanded so smoothly. 


IMG_8078We all loved these “mushroom” light fixtures.  An interesting man and interesting place.

Back at Beryl and Ainslie’s we enjoyed cocktails on the deck before heading out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant owned by friends of theirs.  After dinner we said our goodbyes with promises for not waiting so long to get together the next time. 

Ainslie and Beryl are adventuresome—we first met them when we traveled to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico—they were staying in the same RV park.  Ainslie and Beryl have ventured much farther south into Mexico to the state of Veracruz in recent years and will be going again this winter.  They take their truck and travel trailer, armed with their GPS and off they go. 

On to Bandon tomorrow—we are meeting up with Paul and Nina


  1. Butterbean frequently commented on the blog before I removed the anonymous comment feature--now he sends me emails--I hope you don't mind Butterbean that I posted your comment here.

    Howdy Fantastic Folks,

    We're so glad you got Mike away from the WORKshop and all of his 'projects'!!!! After your Texas 'vacation y'all needed to get the 'ranch' ready and then do some exploring in the BIG PINK THING... We've really enjoyed 'going' with y'all to Oregon and seeing it through your eyes... Do you NOT have any water-falls in Montana, in all of those mountains??
    Your friends are so lucky to have y'all come to see them and they get to see Mike too, also...
    I had(rip) a friend from Wales and it was so hard to understand what she was saying, but she laughed all of the time, so I just laughed with her... She was a doll...
    Her husband was head of the Norwegian Club in Dallas and had a Nordic accent...

    Hope y'all have a very HAPPY DAY and don't eat toooo much..

    Joyce & Butterbean
    RunningStar Ranch

  2. I miss Butterbean on my blog also. That woodwork is amazing. That "tree" on the building is just incredible. It is so neat to have a tour guide that knows unique fun places to visit.

  3. beautiful wood working! glad that you are enjoying your time on the Oregon Coast!!

  4. Another great day with good food and great friends:) And now off to more good times with Paul and Nina!! They are such nice people.

    What fascinating wood carvings! That mushroom outside along the wall is beautiful! I can't imagine how long it took to carve that bathtub.

    Have fun in Bandon!!!

  5. You have left me feeling very and chips...heirloom tomatoes...mexican food...mushrooms. Glad you are enjoying the coast. Watch out for the rock slides.

  6. Good food, good friends, and the Oregon coast. Lucky you!

  7. Too bad you do not golf! LOL The area is renown for its minimalist Bandon Dunes Golf courses. But then again, there are so many great things to see and do in the area that will keep you awed. Wishing you a good visit with Nina and Paul.

  8. That wooden bathtub is amazing - what a lot of work must have gone into that. Hope that 'big dog' didn't scare Emmie too much.

    You sure are managing to see some unique spots along the Oregon Coast, if you keep your eyes open will travelling you'll probably see a few nice little Quilt Shops along the highway (sorry, Michael).


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