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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Umatilla, Oregon

Although it did rain some drops during the night, the smoke still lingered this morning—so we will leave Crater Lake to another time.  About 9am we pulled out of Diamond Lake Campground heading for Umatilla, Oregon—312 miles, taking a little over 5 hours of driving time—how are we doing Nina??  I did not make reservations—remember our fiasco with the guy in Texas never living up to his promise for returning our cash deposit—but was told there were plenty of spots at the Umatilla Marina and RV Park. 

We scored a spot right on the Columbia River—granted the river is about 150 yards down the hill but we can see it!! SmileThe park is a green oasis in the middle of the high desert of eastern Oregon but it isn’t a quiet oasis.  We can see and hear the traffic on the I82 freeway bridge over the Columbia.  I think more plotting and planning as Nina does is in order—RV Park reviews are very individualized as to what each RVer prefers.  If you read the reviews for this park no one mentions the traffic noise or the fact there is a railroad (not busy) close behind the park.  If I had used Google Earth I would have seen both these things—the freeway and the railroad—and probably found another spot.

IMG_8394In my next life I want a job driving one of these—the header on this combine is probably 30 feet wide. 

IMG_8395Dam on the Columbia.


On to Coeur d’ Alene, ID tomorrow—only 198 miles!!! 


  1. Jim and I have learned to survive highway and train noise. Even our beautiful spot here in Helena has trains that run all night long. And I agree with RV Parks Review. Sometimes we really don't agree with them at all. I try to read several reviews so I can get a better feel for the campground.

  2. Didn't know there was that much green anywhere in Umatilla lol!!

  3. 'Dam fine view'!! enjoy your stay in Umatilla!!

  4. I do believe ever park has a train!! Haha! It must be check land. But you are correct about using Google to see the big picture. It an RVers main tool from seeing park map and space to "driving the roads" to your location to if you will encounter.

    Sorry Crater Lake wasn't showing her true self. But as you said, another time.

  5. Lucky you to be on your way to Coeur d'Alene Idaho - spent half my life there, raised my kids there--now it is way too Californized for me!! Have fun and don't miss stopping in at Hudson's Hamburgers for a bite!!

  6. No sooner than I sent you word that the air was clear in Seeley Lake either the wind changed or a fresh blaze kicked up... enough smoke here now I can smell it... Don't know if there's ANY where to avoid it any more ;)

    Happy Traveling... just pretend it's a really big campfire... take a deep breath and say: "Ah! I love the scent of a campfire!" :)

  7. With all the fires causing smoke issues in so many northwest areas, I hope Coeur d'Alene will be smoke free while you are there. It is a great spot....for RV'ing and golf!

  8. 5 hours....phew...I'm exhausted just reading it. Hard to stop that cowboy from driving :)


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