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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cameras And Laundry

Now that’s an exciting title isn’t it—back to the mundane, no more moody Oregon coast photos but we are still very glad to be home.  Let me tell you—walking at sea level is a piece of cake compared to hiking up hills at 5000 feet!  When we started up our usual path this morning, both of us were breathing hard and could feel that ole gravity pulling us backwards!

Rick got me thinking about camera upgrades so I went online to to research—mine, a Canon Powershot SX30IS, has a newer model the Powershot SX50HS which still has a viewfinder but any of the latest and greatest Powershot cameras such as the SX510HS have only a screen, no viewfinder.  I love the zoom on my camera, 30X, and don’t want to give that up—I might need to find a great deal on the model just newer than mine!

canon camera

When my camera zoom is fully extended it is very hard to hold it still enough to get a good photo—using a tripod is better.  I cannot imagine trying to take a photo with the zoom even half way extended using just the screen.  What are camera manufacturers thinking???

My washer and dryer have gone non-stop today—it is always good to get home to those work horse machines, too!  I love my little Splendide in the motorhome but it doesn’t even begin to compare with my home washer and dryer.

The rain storms last night brought us almost an inch of rain—in Montana in August, that is a welcome blessing!

Nat came for lunch, we had that wonderful crispy chicken done in the oven, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad.  I made him some chocolate chip/oatmeal/pecan cookies for dessert and sent the rest of the batch home with him.  After our little vacation, Michael and I don’t need any cookies!

It is hard to age, Nat is 91 years old and is starting to recognize his limitations.  His eyesight is failing and he knows it is only a matter of time before he will have to stop driving.  Lately I have started to wonder just how long he is going to be able to live alone—I would guess not much longer.  I think our friend Jim Woolsey who is Nat’s age and has lived in our local nursing home for many years said it best, “sometimes the good Lord just lets us live too long.” 

We moved RV’s around this afternoon putting the motorhome back in its spot and bringing the TinTeePee out so we can work on it some more—have a little more painting to finish up and Michael has a few odds and ends to complete.

IMG_8409A stark contrast between irrigated land and non-irrigated.IMG_8410Chokecherries are ripe and we saw bear scat this morning.


  1. That's funny that you talked about being glad to get back to your full size washer/dryer. I was just thinking how glad I was to get back to my Splendid after doing wash at my mother's. I really enjoy doing four shirts at a time. Folding a whole load about did me in...haha!

    Watch for those bears!

  2. I don't mind the Splendide. I put in a load when I go to bed at night and it rocks me to sleep. In the morning, I hang the wash outside. :)

  3. I don't know what your camera has, but the stabilizers my cameras have help a lot... I just don't want to be tied down to a tripod. I, too, prefer the view finder, but... boy! are those hard to find these days!

  4. You really can't blame those bears - those chokecherries sure do look good. Just keep a close our on our Emmi girl. Still no rain over here.

  5. have fun shopping for a new camera!!..maybe for Christmas Santa will bring me a new one! I have my eye on a couple that look pretty nice!!

  6. I can understand how an altitude of 5,000 feet can stress your stamina following several days at sea level.

  7. Here's hoping the Good Lord forgets both Nat and I for a good long time yet. As for camera's I sure love my SX50 HS and can't belive how well the image stabilizer works with that 1200mm zoom. Most of the shots I take are one handed on horseback and it seems to do the trick pretty well. Much better than my FujiFilm.

  8. Our choke cherries here at the lake are about a week behind yours ... they're still in the 'blue' mood. I'd love some image stabilization as I become increasingly unsteady as I age. Tripod is de riguer for anything of importance not requiring a "leading" technique to stop action. It'd be nice to have the choice, I think.


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