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Saturday, August 24, 2013

It Is Good To Be Home

442 miles later we pulled into our driveway about 5pm—I don’t think we are subscribing to the Jim and Ellie or the Paul and Nina plan of slow traveling.  Is there treatment available for a cowboy who gets behind the wheel and just goes??  Seriously, we were both ready to be home and as much pleasure as we have taken in being here—I don’t think we are cut out to be fulltimers.  The motorhome is mostly unloaded and we have had dinner—tacos—quick and easy!

It is raining with nasty lightening and thunder thrown in.  And it is much cooler than when we left—hopefully the rain will help eliminate some of these forest fires, as we drove today, the closer we got to our neck of the woods, the smokier it became.  We’ve had two really good rain showers since we drove up the driveway—a really good thing.

I was hoping to have ripe tomatoes when I got home on any of my four tomato plants—I had TWO ripe tomatoes, only two of the tiny heirloom tomatoes were ripe—come on tomato plants, fall is approaching along with frost, you don’t have much time!!  Our chokecherries are ripe too which means we probably have bears around.

Michael started some hops plants (used to make beer) on our former ranch, they grew up the side of our house.  When we moved up here, he brought some hops cuttings with him and planted them at the base of our deck supports.  The dang things are trying to take over the deck—what do you think Ainslie, could we make beer???


Clematis plants are beautiful, at least other people have beautiful clematis plants, I have plants but I only get one or two flowers at a time instead of vines loaded with flowers as most other people do—what’s up with that??


Thanks to all of you who followed along on our Oregon coast tour—we appreciate the comments!


  1. Welcome home. We still haven't got any rain but we have a nice breeze which has moved some of the smoke out at least for now.

  2. Glad that you are happy to be home. We are probably just as happy to be fulltiming! It is funny how different we can be yet enjoy many of the same things.....Like tomatoes....we carry 4 tomato plants with us in the motorhome. We park, they go outside. We drive, they go into the shower with the skylight. So far, we have had only 4 or 5 large tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes that the wild life at Humbug Mountain State Park did not eat in the middle of the night.

  3. Boy, you do travel some miles at one time. Anything over 200 miles is too long a day. But it sounds like you were anxious to be home. Good everything was fine when you got there.

    At least you are able to grow a clematis vine. I could never get the plant to even grow. They are magnificent when covered with flowers. I think yours needs a mailbox...haha! They seem to grow well when growing on a mailbox. You have a green thumb for hops!

    Hope your tomatoes beat the frost!

  4. Must have been quite a day of driving. Good to see you made it home all safe and sound and even some rain to welcome you. We could use some too!

    I really enjoyed your Oregon trip and all the great pictures of the Oregon beaches and coastline.


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