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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heceta Head Lighthouse

We picked a good one for our first lighthouse tour—Heceta Head Lighthouse, the brightest beacon on the Oregon coast.  This lighthouse just underwent a major restoration project which started in 2011 and was finished just in time for the lighthouse to open for tours this June.  She (our guide referred to the lighthouse as a “she”) has stood on this magnificent rock outcropping warning ships since 1894.  Her light is amplified by a 392 prism, first order British made Fresnel lens.  Heceta Head is one of the most photographed sites in Oregon.  The lighthouse, assistant lightkeeper’s house and two little oil sheds are what remains of the original buildings. 



After our lighthouse tour we drove into Florence and had lunch on the waterfront—I was brave and tried some oysters—not bad, not chewy as I remember any other oyster I have eaten being,  not fishy—good!  Michael stuck to fish and chips.

Back home Emmi and I headed out to the beach again.  You gotta love Oregon weather or you would spend a large portion of your time here in a snit!  One minute it is blue sky sunny, the next minute, literally it is so foggy you can’t see your hand in front of your face.  It happens that quickly.  Am loving the cooler temps and so is Emmi. 

Tomorrow onward. 

Tuesday, August 13.

Oops—we were going to depart until we discovered a pack rat had taken up residence in one of our bays—the one in which the grill is stored—the whole campground heard me scream when I opened the bay and there he sat twitching his whiskers at me!!!!!  That pack rat went to wherever it is pack rats go.  As we were packing to head out this morning Michael decided to check that same bay and found ANOTHER nest which means there is ANOTHER pack rat!!!  While searching for the pack rat in the bay with flashlight in hand we discovered a bulging coolant hose—so, Michael when to town, found the parts and is now repairing the hose.  I decided to come into town and do a load of sheets.  My little Splendide washer/dryer has stopped drying very well so I don’t do sheets in it—better get my handyman started on that repair! Smile


  1. I didn't realize the pack rats would get into the bays!! I knew that people kept their car hoods up with a light to keep them away but in the bays...yuck!!

    Hope your dryer is just a lint build up! I would be lost without mine.

  2. Heceta is a great lighthouse for your first one!! too bad about the rat, I would have been screamin' like a girl too!!!

  3. Tried Oysters once....but only once!! I'm with Mike on the Fish n Chips & lots of crispy batter on the fish. Got some nice lighthouse photos there:))

  4. Beautiful pics of Hecate Light House - it's one of our fav's on the Oregon Coast. The weather on the coast does take some getting used to alright - but if you like 'cool' it's terrific.

  5. You captured the Heceta Head lighthouse beautifully. I'm actually just up the coast from you at the casino in Lincoln City.

    If you're still in the area, (Florence) the Waterfront Depot is an amazing place to eat. The prices are great and it's a small charming place. The halibut is amazing!

    I would have screamed too at the packrats. I was in Show Low, Arizona and stayed in the boonies on a friend's property. She warned me of the packrats. I put my hood up with lights, and the next morning my mat outside my door was all chewed up. I left!


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