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Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Great Day On The Oregon Coast

Michael picked our walking spot today—we drove into Bandon and walked onto the beach just south of town.  The proverbial Oregon coast fog was present making for “moody” photos—it isn’t my camera or photo taking ability—it’s the fog.  The wind would blow the fog away for a few minutes then blow the fogginess right back in.  It’s a wild part of the country—windy, extremely windy—cool for August, and foggy—but I love it, the husband—he doesn’t love it so much!





After lunch we drove down to Cape Blanco—about 26 miles—to check out the campground, beach and lighthouse.  What a wild and wonderful place—the western most tip of Oregon—simply said, it is breathtaking.  The wind was even worse but there was very little fog and the photos are much better--






Back to Bandon we stopped at the creamery and indulged in some awesome ice cream!  Nina, Paul and Polly joined us for dinner--we spent another wonderful evening getting to know this couple—as we have said so many times before—we have met the greatest people while RVing! 

Tomorrow we are off to meet up with Jim and Ellie—our time here on the Oregon coast is drawing to a close, next up—more adventures!


  1. We know that area well..I hear that Jim and Ellie are at the Port Orford RV Park..a great little park with wonderful owners!! we have stayed there a couple of times!
    you got a great photo of Cape Blanco!!!

  2. I like the foggy pictures - the only problem is it's too cold for me. I do agree that the Oregon coast is one of the most breathtaking places.

  3. I don't think there is a bad picture of the Oregon many moods. Wonderful photos! And meeting new friends:)

  4. Envious, we were going to be there this summer, but because of our late start went to Michigan. The UP is real nice, but not the west coast.


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