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Friday, March 12, 2010

Why We Come To Arizona

Today was one of those “why we come to Arizona” kind of days.  Warm, sunny, no wind, just perfect!  Mike took the Emmi girl for a walk while I showered and we then went into Bouse to the “city” wide garage sales which consisted of about 5 sales and some vendors at the community center.  Back home we just proceeded to enjoy this beautiful day sitting in the sun and soaking up some rays.  Mike did manage to pack a few more items. 

Jim and Ellie came down to claim the items we had been storing in the trailer for them so we and groceries or water could all fit in their car when we traveled to various places.  Jim has a small charcoal grill called a Smokey Joe which I have admired—there is just something about the flavor of a charcoal grilled burger/chicken breast/pork chop—you get the picture.  Well, to thank us for introducing them to the wonderful boondocking adventure, they brought us a Smokey Joe and all the trimmings—charcoal, lighter, wood chips.  What a wonderful gift, thank you Jim and Ellie.

About 3pm we left again and took the motor home to Bouse to fill with propane and to get gas for the generator in preparation for our departure on Sunday.  I had also ordered an 800 watt iron and was hoping it had been delivered to the post office—yea, it had—what a cute little iron it is!  When I am piecing quilts it is necessary to frequently press seams and my big iron just made the 2000 watt Honda generator groan—the big Onan in the motor home handled it with ease but it was a noisy pain to have to run the big generator the entire time I was quilting not to mention much more expensive as it is diesel and less fuel efficient than the Honda. 

Back to paradise—today happens to be Gina and Rollie’s 28th wedding anniversary and Jim and Ellie were cooking.  And what a great meal it was, hamburgers and hot dogs, beans, chili, pico de gallo, chips and a chocolate “happy anniversary” cake.  We had the best evening with these not quite so new friends and the new friends.  We discussed the fact over dessert that we have all met the greatest people in this RVing lifestyle from all walks of life—truly wonderful friends such as Jim and Ellie and Gina and Rollie.  A fabulous evening.

We are home in our cozy rig, blogging and surfing, life is so truly good and we are so truly blessed!

Gina and Rollies anniversaryFrom the left, Mike, Jim, Gina, BoBo, Rollie and Ellie

 Rollie and Gina's Anniversary Anniv cake


  1. Janna,
    Have you ever considered increasing the size of your font? It sure would make it easier to read your blog on these aging eyes. :)

  2. What a wonderful time you have had in Bouse.
    Another great memory.


  3. So awesome how god places people in our lives. We have been truly blessed by you and Mike's friendship. Looking forward to visiting with y'all in Montana later this year. Travel safe and can't wait until our paths cross again. We're going to miss y'all...

    Gina & Rollie


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