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Friday, March 19, 2010

More Touring

Emmi and I got a surprise this morning on our early morning walk, a javelina ran across the road right in front of us then stopped in the neighbor’s yard and watched us.  I picked Emmi up—didn’t want her being javelina breakfast but the javelina finally started to wander off.  Later after breakfast we managed to find a good spot for a longer walk and then headed off in search of more land.  Saw some beautiful country but nothing that strikes us as the “right” for us place.  In one area we drove on a terribly bumpy, washboard road for over 5 miles—when topping the hill there were all these gorgeous, large, newer homes out there in the middle of nowhere—do these people drive this road every day to go to work?? 

In the small, tiny gown of Sunizona there is a market—we were in need of a pick me up snack and stopped on the way home—as we walked in Michael remarked that the grocery store also sold tack—saddles, bridles and cowboy hats!  Mike has been in need of a new straw hat for summer and low and behold, he found one there in that little market that fit!

It was the day for strange little grocery stores—in Sunsites, AZ there is a market called the Produce Wagon.  I wanted to see what kind of groceries were available—I was pleasantly surprised—good produce, reasonably priced meats and the strangest thing—a huge aisle of bulk spices, oatmeal, beans, grains, etc.  All out in the middle of nowhere! 

Emmi was a little trooper—she road along all day in my lap.  It was a cooler and very windy day here in this area today.

When we got back to the motor home  Emmi and I took off on another long walk, we both needed it after riding in the little sports car all day!  Then it was off to Chef Linda’s for another great meal—we are going to have to leave here soon or both of us will weigh much more than we want to! 

Deer The white deer and her gang snacked on Linda’s shrubs yesterday morning and Mike took this photo out the window of the motor home.


  1. Yep, we been in that there Produce Wagon a couple times alright.

  2. We've been in both those stores. I too was surprised to see how much stuff they carried.

    The High Lonesome in Elfrida is nice as is the Bakers House. They have a great beef burrito and make good homemade soup and bread.


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