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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way Down The Road

Last night after a wonderful dinner of Gina’s taco soup recipe we decided to take another walk with Emmi—after all that cooking Linda did we need all the walks we can get!  It appears that the jackrabbits in the Cathedral Gorge Park have been doing what rabbits do best—there are hundreds of the rabbits running around.  This guy thinks he is hiding:


We left Cathedral Gorge about 6:30am and were heading for Jackpot, NV for the night.  Dry roads and one 7700 foot pass later and we arrived in Jackpot about 1pm or was it 2pm—anyway, too early to stop.  We did go into the casino and have lunch—Terry, I lost your penny and my dollar!  Then on the road again—Mike was in a driving mode today and I even drove some.  We kept going and going finally ending up near Dubois, ID about 6pm—whew—that’s a long day!  We are in a pullout beside a forest service road.  But it was OK, we stopped frequently, walked around, stretched our legs, ate and drank!  So, tomorrow we will be home fairly early.

I have traded in my flip flops for shoes and socks plus a coat.  We saw lots of snow today, too.

Our spot for the nightOur spot for the night.










  1. It's sad to see your journey come to an end but I bet you are looking forward to a nice long, hot shower and a house that does not shake every time the wind blows.

  2. I thought this was going be a sightseeing trip back home. I think you took the Frank Lee way home.

  3. I can only dream of that many solar panels. LOL I think you will see more and more of those big solar fields in the future. I agree with you that Gina's taco soup is good but don't over do it as she did for six weeks. One can only eat so much of it. LOL It looks very cold where y'all are at. You guys have a safe drive tomorrow. Miss y'all

    Rollie & Gina

  4. Better than a Walmart parking lot !

    Glad your trip is going well.


  5. Wow! That was a long day. YOu must really have get home-itis. ;)

  6. I know you'll be glad to get home, even though it probably means those flip-flops will be out of sight for awhile yet. Safe travels, dear friends!


  7. Oh wow you covered a lot of ground fast! Take care and welcome home when you get there today...

  8. Dontcha wanna just get back in and go again?

    Karen and Steve


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