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Monday, March 1, 2010

Laundromat Ettiquete

Well, today was laundry day and I got up later than I usually do on laundry day.  I rolled into the laundromat parking lot just after 8am and it was all ready busy.  For whatever reason the owner chose to install 20+ washing machines and 11 dryers—now do the math—that ain’t gonna work!!  There were some ladies today who needed a lesson in laundromat ettiquete:

1.  Do not hog the rolling wire carts because if you do some mouthy southern girl is going to ask you to move your purse out of the cart so she can unload her washer and get the clothes to the dryer without dropping them piece by piece on the way!  Giving that southern girl a dirty look isn’t gonna change one thing!

2.  Do not think you are going to go and stand in front of 3 dryers to “save” them when your clothes are still in the rinse cycle and that mouthy southern girl’s clothes are all ready in the moving basket—she is gonna move in front of you and load those dryers with her clothes.  Again, that dirty look isn’t gonna change one thing!

Needless to say, laundry was an experience today and Michael should be glad he isn’t visiting me in jail tonight!

The morning experience must have given me energy cause when I got home I bathed Emmi, started a pot of beans and vacuumed all after putting away the laundry. 

Dave, our neighbor and friend from the other spot we just left was expecting guests today—the couple we camped next to in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve who are from British Columbia.  They are related to friends of Dave’s from Yuma—his spot was the gathering spot before everyone heads off for home.  We drove over this afternoon taking Emmi with us to say hello to these very nice folks again, Warren and Gloria and to meet Dave’s friends from Yuma—Bill is American, Darcey is Canadian.  We enjoyed our visit with them and left with promises to keep in touch.

When we drove out to go for this visit we met Ellie and Jim and a big black truck (a really big black truck) coming in containing friends of theirs Gina and Rollie.  The two couples had met through the RV Dreams folks, Howard and Linda.  Gina and Rollie are fulltimers in an Excel 5th wheel pulled by a Volvo semi truck.  They have come to join us for a while.  What nice people—we all enjoyed a supper of grilled sausages, red beans and rice, pinto beans, and slaw topped off with ice cream for desert.  We spent the rest of the evening visiting and getting to know each other. 

Mike took a very long hike this morning and poor little Emmi is one pooped puppy! 

Another great day and looking forward to a day at home tomorrow far from any crabby ladies in some laundromat myself included!  And if you’re wondering why my blog sounds a little southern speaking tonight its because Gina and Rollie are from Louisiana and it rubbed off on me!

Purple flower This is probably some noxious weed but I thought it was a pretty flower.


  1. got an answer on the 20 washers and 11 dryers, after owning 3 Laundromats in past years. The companies that sell the packages (speed queen, Maytag, GE commercial distributors) usually recommend 1 dryer for each 2 washers.

    The crabby ole ladies just happen. I lived in small TX town right after I got out of the Seebees in 67. I bought a laundromat and had a contract to wash all the football teams workout and game uniforms. On Thursday night they dropped off the work out stuff and I would wash it that night.We closed at 9P.M.Every week on Thursday night this same lady would come in at about 8:30 and put her clothes in 5-6 washers then she would come back at about 7:oo Friday morning and put them in the dryers and leave.she would come back about noon. after about a month of this i told her she had to make different arrangement... she did,,, she move to another laundry.


  2. Ohhh I HATE laundromats! Icky poo and having to sit there all the while to watch your clothes so nobody steals them. To me it wastes my day...

    Good thing we have a Splendide washer/dryer in our rig. (came with it when we bought it, didn't know if we liked it till I used it. WHEEEE) I won't mind even running the generator to operate it while boondocking. It only uses 5-6 gallons of water so that is doable too. Small price to pay compared to driving to town and sitting in a laundromat all morning.

    Oh, I know we will need to go to laundromats for big things like bedding sometimes, but hopefully we can save those for campground laundry rooms, which are smaller and usually cleaner.

    Rant done. LOL

    Karen and Steve

  3. Thanks Janna and Mike for a wonderful evening of good food. Gina and I look forward to more good times with ya'll.

    Rollie & Gina

  4. Standing up for yourself! Good for you. This Northern gal would have done the same thing ☺ It is amazing how inconsiderate some people are.


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