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Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Are Home

Remember these two photos from April 6, 2009 when we arrived back in Montana to 3 FEET of snow, took us hours and hours to get the RV up the driveway and Michael still has holes in his jeans from the butt chewing he took for bringing me home so early.  Well, today is March 25 and it was my idea to come home this time, I was just ready and this is the scene that greeted us today.

todays driveway house today Just a little bit of difference don’t you think??? 

Emmi woke us at 3am this morning and we struggled to go back to sleep in our little roadside parking spot.  Finally did go back to sleep and got up about 6am, on the road by 6:30am and pulling into Nat’s around noon after a quick stop at the Livingston grocery store.  Nat looks good and was very glad to see us and Emmi.  I think she remembered him.  After lunch with Nat we headed up the Boulder.

As you can see from the photos there is not much snow this year which could be a problem come summer.  Montana is famous for its spring snow storms, though, so we won’t get too worried yet! 

Emmi acts as if she remembers home running around smelling, barking and finally pooping out on the sofa.  Mike and I unloaded from the motor home all the stuff that might freeze before calling it a day.  Neither truck that was parked in the garage here at the house will start—dead batteries so we pulled the older one out so we could get the sports car in the garage.  Mike got the motor home backed into its parking spot and we will finish unloading tomorrow. 

It is so good to be home, sitting in our easy chairs, looking at the view, enjoying the fire in the fireplace and a good glass of wine.  Life is good.


  1. Cool cabin! I'm pretty new to following your blog, so this is the first time I've seen it. I can see why you're glad to be home. :)

  2. Great you guys made it home OK. We can identify with that totally great feeling of being home too. Many times the best part of going away is simply coming home. The homeward bound gruelling trip just makes getting home all that much nicer. Hopefully I will last longer than a week this time before the hitch-ithch sets in!!

  3. Welcome Home, Janna and Mike! I saw you two driving that huge rig up the Boulder about 1:45 today. I was racing into town to meet Geoff for a late lunch. Did you see me wave?
    We are off the Billings on Saturday but we hope to see you soon. We missed ya.
    Nancy and Geoff

  4. Oh so glad you made it home, safe and sound and NO SNOW! Last year we came home from Florida to a bunch of new snow, but our lovely neighbors had our parking spot all cleared out for us. How nice!

    So now you get to unload your quilting machine and get it all settled back in your sewing room? I think it was just too cool that you brought it along. Whenever anyone gives me a tough time about bringing along a table loom or a spinning wheel, I tell them about YOU and your quilting machine! haha

    Karen and Steve


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