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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gardening Lessons

What a beautiful morning—bright sunshine, blue skies.  We took a longer walk this morning scoping out spots to put the bigger garden this summer.  I submitted a seed order to Fedco Seeds and got lots of good stuff seeds and some flower seeds.  After lunch we drove just down the road to our neighbor’s, Ed and Beth.  They have been married 54 years and Ed says he is still in training!  They have a beautiful garden every year and I wanted to ask for some pointers.  Had a nice visit, got caught up on all the local gossip and came away with great gardening advice. 

Nat came up for lunch, steaks on the grill, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus and salad.  He was operating his sawmill today (he is almost 88 years old—doesn’t that scare you???)  While I was finishing up lunch he was playing with Emmi and her duck—she somehow tripped and fell over hard and just yelped and yelped—when I got over to her, she jumped up on my leg to be picked up.  While we were down south she favored her left shoulder and leg some and we thought maybe she had injured it running down the motor home steps—so we stopped letting her go up and down the steps by herself.  She stopped favoring her leg but now we don’t know—may be time to get it checked out.  Here she is collapsed across Mike’s lap right after the fall:

Relaxed Emmi Doesn’t she look relaxed??

Michael and I managed to get the longarm mostly back together today and the motor home is empty.  We moved the tiny refrigerator upstairs today as going up and down the stairs while cooking was getting old—at least we have milk, water, butter and eggs up here now.  I have an appointment in Billings on April 2 so we will purchase a new refrigerator then.  In the meantime Mike is going to see if he can fix the old one. 

It is so good to be home as Al from the Bayfield Bunch said enjoying faster internet, long hot showers, big bed and lots of space!

aspens in winter west boulder mountains in winter

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