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Friday, March 5, 2010

An Easy Day


Sunshine on the trees

We’ve had Emmi for how long now???  Seven months???  Will she ever grow up???  Emmi decided that it was time to get up a  little after 5am this morning—UGH—I wasn’t ready to get up!

Hiking up through one of the many washes out here in the desert we saw some beautiful scenery today.  We came upon two separate dry waterfalls each probably 12 feet deep.  The rocks were a deep red color and coupled with the green palo verde trees—it was gorgeous.  We checked out other potential boondocking sites a little farther up the road—Mike is having trouble sleeping—the traffic noise from Highway 72 keeps him awake and you can hear the train whistle too.  While this spot is nice it is not as nice as the one we had—our internet does work much better here, though. 

Michael discovered that the faucet we bought in Yuma yesterday wouldn’t work, bummer.  The kitchen faucet is leaking terribly—he did manage to take apart and fix it enough that perhaps we can get home without flooding the place!

Dave dropped by just after lunch to visit our new spot in the desert.  We had a great chat with him, he is leaving this area on Sunday.  Hopefully we will meet up with him again next year.

I ran into Bouse to take garbage and to mail some packages at the post office.  The little general store actually had jalapenos—supplies are limited in Bouse!  I wanted to make some more pico de gallo.

Spent the rest of the afternoon outside reading and chatting with whoever happened by.  Jim and Ellie took Mr. BoJangles and Jasmine to a groomer in Parker today with less than satisfactory results. 

And that’s it for our day here in the desert.  With Mike not sleeping we are pondering our next move—should we move farther back into the desert here or should we go on down to the Sierra Vista area to visit friends??  Our weather is supposed to be crummy tomorrow and Sunday, wind, rain and cooler. 

Photos from our hike today:

Emmi and me  Purple flower and rocks


  1. Oh nice pics, Janna! Such a dilemma, to stay where it's warm or move where it's warm. Oh gee, we wish we had your decisions to make! LOL

    (from cold snowy Wisconsin)
    Karen and Steve

  2. That is a very pretty lupine! This spring is going to be gorgeous and it looks like the lupine is starting things out!!


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