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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Move Again

While we were hiking today (I forgot the camera) and seeing some incredible scenery we talked.  Mike has boondocked so long that even a nice state park such as Kartchner Caverns just doesn’t satisfy him!  I really didn’t want to leave this area just yet, I wanted to spend some time with Jim and Linda.  Linda has talked about having me help her get a computer and getting her started—I wanted to do that if Linda still wanted to.  So, we took Jim and Linda up on their offer of parking in their driveway—we fit, trailer and all and are tucked in beside the house out of the wind. 

Michael worked on the taxes for a while this morning and I ran into Benson for groceries.  I also stopped by a quirky little book store called Mary Ann’s Mostly Books.  When I opened the door I was kind of taken aback—to say the store sold books was an understatement!  There were books everywhere, piles and shelves in no particular order.  I quickly found a couple to take home and I also found a new bird book to take to Linda. 

Emmi and I walked around the neighborhood here where Linda and Jim live—very, very quiet and lots of old, quaint southwest style houses. 

Jim, you would be so proud of Mike—he used the Smokey Joe grill tonight!  Linda had purchased these huge rib eye steaks and wanted us to grill them.  This Jim remarked that he sure missed the taste of charcoal so Mike pulled out the grill and got it going.  The steaks were to die for, so tasty!  I had baked potatoes, sautéed asparagus and made a salad. 

While Mike and Jim were outside in the courtyard grilling they noticed the “white” deer that has been frequenting the neighborhood munching on shrubs and flowers.  I was able to get these two photos—the deer is not albino as you can tell from the blurry photo but she is sure white compared to her buddies!

White Deer and her pals White Deer

It is so nice to see and visit good friends—very glad we came here!

Mike & Jim in the car Mike and Jim took the little car out to look at a house that is for sale.


  1. I just knew Mike would master that little Smokey Joe in no time...I'm glad you guys are having fun...We miss you and little Emmi too...

  2. haha Look at those two cool dudes out for a spin! Steve will like that pic.

    Karen and Steve


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