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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What A Day

Emmi woke me early this morning with an unwelcome surprise and for those folks who subscribe to the theory that dogs will not “soil” their own bed or crate—those folks never met Emmi!  And as usual it was probably our fault.  We came home late last night from Gina and Rollie’s, let Emmi out at that time and didn’t let her out again.  Our routine is to always go out right before we all go to bed—well she obviously missed her routine last night!

Since we were up so early I decided I would like to hike to the cave Mike discovered on Monday while I was at the laundromat. M & E entering cave We stopped to chat with Rollie and Gina  on our way out of our little miniature campground here in the desert.  It was a gorgeous morning for a hike, we found the cave and ventured inside. Hole to outside The cave was about 100 feet deep with an opening to the outside in the ceiling. 

No rattlesnakes or creepy crawly creatures and I kept a tight rein on Emmi.  By the time we got back the day was warming up!

Michael painted today after calling his teacher Steve and getting some pointers—the painting was one of the best he has done.  Talked to friends back at home today and got all the latest scoop!

I made some awesome pico de gallo today, it was delicious.  Gina had invited all of us over for leftovers tonight and I volunteered to make cornbread.  Ellie and Jim made a wonderful peach cobbler.  Yes, Weight Watcher’s kind of went by the wayside today but I think you have to have an off day every once in a while.  We also enjoyed cheese/crackers and the pico de gallo before dinner with wine so yes, our points were used up for the day!

Our weather was just perfect today, almost 80 degrees with a slight breeze. 

Cave entrance  Entrance to the cave.

  concrete in the wash The wash near the cave is very deep and narrow.  It appears that at one time someone poured these concrete dams and created a catch basin for rain run off water.  The catch basin has filled with silt over time.

Outside the caveThe view from just outside the cave.

Life is good!  Our granddaughter Laci has left Iraq and is on her way back to the US—life is indeed good!


  1. Oh how wonderful about your granddaughter coming HOME! Please thank her for her service to our country. And glad she has made it through such a terrible place.

  2. Janna,

    Just want to tell you again how much I enjoy your blog. You and Mike are living my and my husband's dream life - log home in the mountains and an rv to use for "snowbirding". Does life get any better?

    And, yes, I too want to thank your granddaughter for her service and the sacrifice she makes so our country can be safe.


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