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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends And A Drive

Last night’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner Linda cooked was delicious!  We had corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots.  That woman can cook and feed people.  She thinks portion control is a myth obviously! 

Jim and Linda were off to the dentist in Nogales today so we entertained ourselves by looking at property and meeting friends for lunch. 

A realtor showed us a small southwest style house this morning here in Tombstone, needs lots and lots of work—lime green bathroom sink and tub, and that’s just one of the minor things—the lot is a junkyard disaster but it had great views and a wonderful porch. 

Next on the list was lunch with our friend Nancy and her new significant other, Dave.  We met Nancy while staying in a county park near Kingsville, Texas 3 years ago.  She was traveling solo and we took her to dinner one night.  We have kept in touch via e-mail.  When I e-mailed her recently asking her whereabouts, she responded that she was in Benson at the Escapee’s park.  She has a new man friend in her life and they are planning all sorts of travels including a dance rally in Bandera, Texas the first of April.  We had a great lunch and visit in downtown Tombstone with all the rest of the thousands of tourists—where did they all come from????  Nancy and Dave were then headed to Naco, Sonora, Mexico to the dentist.  Many of the Escapees use this dentist and there are also 2 pharmacies in this sleepy little town.  The crossing back into the US takes about 2 minutes Nancy and Dave told us—nice to know for future reference.

After lunch we picked up the Emmi pooch, put the top down on the car and headed over to the Elfrida area to look at a 20 acre parcel of land—we liked—right at the base of the Swisshelm Mountains, very quiet and private, near a huge commercial pecan grove:Pecan grove

By then it was 4:30 and we headed back to Tombstone and were within sight of Linda and Jim’s when she called inviting us to have dessert, chocolate pudding cake—and of course we got Linda size portions!  YUM!  Took Emmi for a walk and we are in for the night—a fabulous day!

Sunset on the Dragoons Sunset lighting up the Dragoons

Vinegarroon Is this not the ugliest critter you ever saw.  Jim was telling us that when they were remodeling their house, he stepped outside one morning and saw this creature—a vinegarroon.  Its only defense is to spray a shot of very strong acetic acid (vinegar) from its tail—the vinegarroon is able to aim so accurately it can score a direct hit into the eyes of an approaching predator!  Other than that, it is harmless but if I discovered one in my house do you think I would scream—oh, yes!!!!  The creature is about 3-5 inches long and looks like a tiny lobster—this photo is one taken of a photo in an Arizona Highways magazine.  YIKES!—maybe I don’t want a house in Arizona.




  1. They look bad (uuuugly!) but they really are good bugs.

  2. Janna I would be screaming right along with you. That looks like a scary critter. Miss y'all.. Hugs & love, Gina

  3. Recognized the gates of that Pecan Farm. We know an elderly couple living only a mile or so northeast of there. House may be for sale sometime in the not too distant future. The lady has a very serious illness.

    I think that cute little Vinegarroon bug might just make a very fine little pet.


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