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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Yea, we both slept like rocks last night!  Did a little internet surfing, had breakfast and took a walk around the neighborhood.  Not exactly our kind of walking but it will do for a few days.  Emmi and I walked a couple more times today, too. 

When we got back to the rig I decided to take the laundry into Tombstone and get that chore accomplished.  I left Michael working diligently on the taxes.  I was back in just over a hour and he was ready for me to take the taxes to the post office and ship the nasty things off to our accountant. 

After lunch Mike headed out to help Jim and the guy they have hired as handyman replace fence boards.  He said it actually felt good to do some labor today.  2 hard working guys

I just did some chores here in the rig and took advantage of Linda and Jim’s lovely patio area and soaked up some sun.  Put a loaf of bread to rise as Linda is treating us to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage tonight.  I am supplying the bread and the dessert. 

Sheeps Head in the Dragoons Sheeps Head in the Dragoons2

This is the view of the Dragoon Mountains from Linda and Jim’s place here in Tombstone.  Can you see the “sheep’s head”?  Several years ago Michael and I owned property in Dragoon Mountain Ranch at the foot of these beautiful mountains.  I frequently say, “I sure wish we hadn’t sold that land,”—I probably say that every time we come here and I see how beautiful it is out there. 

A very good day!









  1. what a nice areato have owned some land. An acquaintance of mine owns land there. Brad Wareing. Never noticed that sheep's head before.... thanks for pointing it out. Kelly

  2. I can see it! Great pictures and beautiful country. We have been there on our first Winter trip coming from Vancouver Island to Florida. I enjoyed out "Tourist Day" in Tombstone.


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