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Monday, March 22, 2010

We Make A Decision

Beavertail blossoms2 We took our last walk in the Arizona desert today and the desert showed its colors for us.  Aren’t these blossoms gorgeous on this beavertail cactus??

Yes, I have lost my mind—I am ready to go home.  The “go home” bug has bitten both of us way earlier than usual this year so off we go tomorrow.  We intend to take it slow and do some sightseeing along the way—I am hoping that as I put this in print Michael will honor his promise!

It is way too hot to continue boondocking in the Arizona desert without air conditioning and I know I am going home to at least 2 more months of cold but I am still ready.  I miss our friends, my quilting friends, my big sewing room and family—it is time!  Our granddaughter Laci, who has just gotten back to the US from Iraq will be home in Montana soon and our other granddaughter Katie surely needs my help planning that wedding (probably not but just in case)!

So, off we go tomorrow saying goodbye to the Arizona desert for one more season.

Blooming desert2 gorgeous desert2 Gorgeous desert


  1. Oh gosh.. all that snow that just fell out west, are you REALLY sure you want to go home to that???

    I think I would like to trade places with you for the next two months!!!

    (luckily the last snow missed us and hit Milwaukee and Chicago instead of us in Northern Wisconsin)

    Karen and Steve

  2. Well it has been a pretty nice spring so far up here on the Northern Ranges. No green grass yet but most of our snow has gone. FOR NOW!!

  3. Beautiful flowers on that cactus! I have been looking at the temperatures for Bouse and must agree with you. Too hot!
    I hope you have a good trip home and don`t take it too quickly ☺

  4. Yep, we know all about that 'going home bug' alright!!


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