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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Turned Winter Back On

Late March snow This is what it looked like outside our windows this morning, the sun on the bright snow and the clear blue sky made for great photos.  It was a chilly 20 degrees, too!  We took a round about walk in spite of the snow—Emmi gets just totally snow covered—she buries her nose in animal tracks and kicks the snow up onto her back.  We were all glad to get back inside the warm house.

Not much going around here today, Michael worked in the garage and I worked on the quilt I started yesterday.  I would have been finished with the quilt top today if I hadn’t had to play fetch the duck or bear or whatever with Emmi this afternoon—she just would not leave me alone! 

Emmi keeping warm 10 months Emmi got up on the hearth while I was fixing lunch and stayed there for a while—she must have been cold!

We have a flock of juncos hanging out at the feeders along with the chickadees and the woodpecker.

Crazies Winter time sun


  1. The snow looks beautiful but I think it will be nice when it is gone again hopefully soon. I like your fireplace, it looks much like one we used to have in Ontario.

  2. Beautiful place you call home.

  3. gee its like its november all over again!


    Karen and Steve


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