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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Boone Mtn It was a beautiful day and although our forecast was for severe wind, the big blow hasn’t gotten here yet.  We took a really long walk this morning still scouting out places to put a greenhouse and garden.  Remember last fall when we were over at Lonn and LoraLee’s removing windows from their old house—well one of those large panels of windows will make a wonderful south facing greenhouse wall.  I am ready to get started and as usual when we come home there are so many projects we want to accomplish!

I spent the day doing a little cleaning upstairs and a lot of cleaning downstairs in the quilting room.  Got all the quilting supplies I took south with me put away and the longarm back together, cleaned and oiled—I am ready to go. 

For lunch I made Gina’s taco soup and accompanied it with cornbread and coleslaw.  After lunch Mark and Gemma came over to borrow our preparator which is a huge attachment for our skidsteer which sorts rocks from dirt and spits the rocks out.  We had a nice visit. 

Lonn and LoraLee stopped by to bring us the rest of our mail that didn’t make it into the original box we picked up on Friday.

And that’s about all the excitement around here for the day.  I did try to change our Verizon aircard back to a cellphone online and was unsuccessful—was told this past fall by a Verizon rep that I could do the changes each time online—NOT—I get so frustrated when given totally wrong information—maybe Verizon needs to do a little more training!

Remember last fall when I was taking Nat to Billings to the dermatologist and when we received very poor service, I blogged about that poor service.  Several days after that blog post I was contacted by the public relations department for Billings Clinic but never connected with anyone.  Then the physician himself called to try and explain the procedure and length of time it takes to do a MOHS procedure.  For Nat’s next MOHS procedure we were treated very well and were in and out of the office in much less time.  Just last week an article was published in our local newspaper, the Billings Gazette detailing the salaries of some of the hospital employed physicians.  Nat’s dermatologist was listed as the highest paid physician in Montana earning almost one million dollars for the last fiscal year and for the two previous years was paid right at one million dollars.  And to be fair, this physician wasn’t the only highly paid doctor in Montana, there were several that came close to one million.  The article states that Montana must pay its physicians well in order to compete with other areas of the country.  OK, healthcare in the US doesn’t need some kind of help?????  What is the answer—the blame can’t be laid solely at the feet of the insurance companies.  What about the medical supply companies who think nothing of charging outrageous prices for artificial heart values or stents?  What about the drug companies who make billions of dollars per year and chalk it up to research and development?  The mess our government made trying to change healthcare is appalling so what’s next??

OK, I’m done with my rant—it is still good to be home. 


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  1. We could sure use that contraption that sorts out rocks from the dirt and spits them out. Our village is not called "Cobble Hill" for nothing. It's hard to have a garden here. Hopefully your greenhouse takes shape very soon.


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